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Trump YouTube Suspension Will Lift After ‘Risk of Violence’ Drops, Says CEO

The suspension of former President Donald Trump’s YouTube channel will be lifted “when we determine the risk of violence has decreased,” CEO Susan Wojcicki said Thursday.

Wojcicki made the remarks during an interview with Atlantic Council President and CEO Frederick Kempe.

Trump’s channel was blocked from uploading new videos after a mob of his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, part of a wave of suspensions issued by all of the major social media platforms.

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Snapchat and Twitter permanently banned Trump. Facebook turned over the decision of whether to allow Trump back on Facebook and Instagram to its Oversight Board. Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram remained suspended pending the Oversight Board’s decision.

Throughout his presidency, social media companies wrestled with how to moderate one of their most popular and volatile users.

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Time and again, Trump tested the boundaries of what he could say, violating prohibitions against election misinformation, glorifying violence and falsehoods about COVID-19.

The decision by social media platforms to block Trump’s access following the Capitol riot was praised by Trump critics and had the support of most Americans, but was condemned by Trump supporters and free speech advocates who warned it set a dangerous precedent.

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