Can you work from home with HughesNet Gen5 internet?

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Everyone has qualms about buying a satellite internet connection. There are some issues that you will face with a satellite connection that will not be there with wired or fixed connections. However, calling a spade a spade doesn’t resolve the matter. Citizens living in rural areas don’t get any other options for internet connectivity. They either have very slow DSL or dial-up connections with no reliability of speed or service. Or, they have satellite internet.

Satellite internet has seen some serious advancements over the years. ISPs like HughesNet and Viasat are the only service providers, which are offering internet connections to all States. HughesNet offers wide coverage and a consistent speed that does not slow down over any of the data plans. The all-new Gen5 technology is not dependent on the cost of the plan or the location of the user.

If you have recently moved to a rural area or are already living in one, click at Talk to a customer services representative and find out all the relevant details regarding a new connection. if you’re an existing customer, you can reach customer services and get all kinds of technical and no-technical support.

Can a satellite connection help with online work?

Due to the recent spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, most offices and businesses got shut down. The same happened to schools as well as other parks and markets. Anywhere, which held the risk of people coming together and spreading the virus was closed. The year 2020 has been the hardest ever in recent times. Life literally stopped.

Due to the onslaught of second and third waves of the pandemic, many countries around the world are still following strict guidelines to help sustain life. That doesn’t mean that people stop earning or students stop getting an education. This is where the internet stepped in. Most people started working from their homes. Many businesses started online operations to make sure that life goes on.

HughesNet’s service has kept getting better over the years. During the pandemic, US citizens living in rural locations used remote assistance to help deal with education, medical, work, and everyday issues. People are still working feasibly from home, students are attending online classes, and even the entertainment opportunities haven’t been diminished.

What speed is required for optimum work?

According to the FCC standards, any downloading speed that is up to 25 Mbps or above is viable for strong connectivity. There are internet service providers who offer super-fast speeds but do not guarantee the reliability of the connection.

HughesNet Gen5, on the other hand, offers a download speed of 25 Mbps, which is the most stable bandwidth offered by any ISP. In the annual FCC rating regarding fixed broadbands, HughesNet came as the only ISP that is offering more than its advertised speeds.

How many data plans does HughesNet offer?

HughesNet offers four simple data plans with similar download and upload speeds. They are named after the amount of data that is available with each of them.

  1. The 10 GB plan costs $59.99 per month with a contract of 24 months. The price is guaranteed to remain the same for the term of the contract. You can avail of promotional discounts and get access to 50 GB Bonus Zone data for free as well. This high-speed data can be used between 2 and 8 am every day during the billing month. It is perfect for a single user or two in case the data usage is standard like surfing, email checking, social media, etc.
  2. The 20 GB plan costs $69.99 per month with a contract of 24 months. The price is guaranteed for the term. There is free access to high-speed Bonus Zone data of GB. This plan is suitable for 2 users with high-end requirements and 3 with basic needs.
  3. The 30 GB plan costs $99.99 per month with a contract of 24 months. There will be no price hikes during the term. You get access to high-speed 50 GB data for use between 2 and 8 am. The plan is perfect for a small family of 3 to 4 users.
  4. The 50 GB plan costs $149.99 per month with a contract of 24 months. There are no price increments during the 2 years of the contract. There is access to 50 GB Bonus Zone data between 2 and 8 am. This plan is good for a larger family with multiple devices connected at the same time.

What benefits do you get with these plans?

All these plans are good for residential customers as well as for small online businesses. The download speed of 25 Mbps and upload speed of 3 Mbps is enough for fast downloading and uploading of documents, assignments, and papers. Similarly, if you’re working from home, you can easily stay in touch with clients as well as your office through video conferences.

Kids in the house can stay in touch with school through online interactive classrooms. Doctors can provide remote assistance to patients who are living at a distance from the nearest clinic or hospital. Customers can stay connected with family and friends, do video calls and texts over various connecting applications.

Your internet connection will be seamless enough for streaming and downloading movies and other favorite titles. If you want then you can call the customer services and talk about including the digital voice service and get a bundled deal. This can save you a lot every month.

Should I bundle my HughesNet services?

However, we recommend that you only get the necessary services and not get too excited due to any promotions. The discounted prices for any plan with any ISP increase after a limited time. The cost goes back to the original price and you may get stuck with a service that you didn’t really need.

The dish antenna is included in the price of the plan but you will have to buy the built-in Wi-Fi modem/router. Or, lease it if you want for $14.99 per month. The standard installation is free at the moment with every HughesNet plan. Although, if you plan on buying the modem, there is a one-time activation fee of $99.

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