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Aspects to Consider When You Select a Programming Language

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Among various programming languages, it is very hard for a newcomer to IT to choose directions for further development. The most popular languages ​​in modern programming are Java, Python, Objective-C, PHP, C, C ++, C #, JavaScript, and Ruby. Forums and specialized sites are full of topics “What to choose?” and “Where to develop?” Let us try to find the optimal scheme for choosing a branch of development for young programmers.

Where to Start Learning to Program?

First of all, answer the main question with utmost honesty, “Why do you want to start learning to program?” There are many answers, and there are even more prerequisites, but if you carry out an analysis, then there are several reasons to become a developer.

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  • Money

The most common reason for learning programming is the opinion that programmers make a lot of money. Yes, it is true. The salaries of good specialists can make even some top managers green with envy. But this is achieved through years of hard work, self-motivation, and constant improvement. Besides, to receive a truly decent salary, it is worth focusing on finding a position in a large company. 

  • Perspectives

Nowadays, programmers have become the most demanded specialists in the modern employment market. Indeed, our age is the age of information technology, rapidly developing and dynamic. Now the demand for IT specialists is growing more than ever, and it is hardly worth expecting a decline. 

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  • Dynamism

Every person has a bit of curiosity. But some people have a passion for learning something new. Well, in this case, programming is exactly what you need. At the moment, there are dozens of different directions: mobile development, desktop applications, web programming, games, and many more. And the number of technologies and programs developed for these areas can not be counted. Working in the IT field, you can be sure that you will never be bored!

Since we have figured out the main motives, let’s proceed directly to the choice of the first programming language!

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Which Language Should You Choose?

Which programming language should a newcomer to the IT industry choose? First of all, it all depends on what exactly you want to learn. If you are a student learning programming as one of your majors, you already know which directions are of your interest. While others can be compared to a nightmare, and these tasks you usually entrust to third-party programminggeeks professionals. So depending on your preferences, here are the necessary languages to pay attention to.

  1. Website Development

In this direction, not everything is so simple. There is front-end website development that includes the creation of web pages, software for them, styles, etc. In this case, you should turn your attention to JavaScript and HTML & CSS. 

And there is also a back-end, i.e., the development of programs for servers. The good choices are Python, Java, C #, and PHP. Consider Python as a starting point.

  1. Desktop Applications for Home PCs

Here the undisputed leaders are such popular languages ​​as Java and C #. On the one hand, learning Java is somewhat easier and faster than C #. On the other hand, the set of features that C # can boast of is a completely different level.

  1. Working With Databases

Everything is clear here: you should start with SQL! Administration and work with databases are so much necessary in the modern IT world. 

  1. Games

Are you enjoying the latest products from the gaming industry and would like to bring something new to this exciting virtual world yourself? Then you should definitely turn your attention to C ++.

Hopefully, our recommendations are sufficient to help you with the choice of programming language. Approach this decision seriously because a lot depends on the choice you make now.

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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