Capture Solutions is providing digital verification & traceability tools for companies in Kenya


Capture Solutions is concerned with making it an easygoing process for firms and organizations to reorganize their operational activities not only for the current problems but also for future reference. Capture solutions has been effective for the last 19 years and is still moving on. Capture Solutions offers exclusive B2B ICT applications through the entire period you need their services. Diligence and creativity is noticed during the period they offer their services as they come up with tailor-made solutions accompanied by unique defined procedures to handle different problems and circumstances. Capture solutions manages to accomplish all this with the help of distinctive hardware devices that are particularly for the service requested.

 A strong management team and directorship have made it possible for Capture Solutions to keep up with the pace of the global Information and Communication Technology scenario whereby they are equipped with planned business associations. This uniqueness that Capture Solutions has makes it retain its lead in the market. They ensure that their objective is that once requested for services they deliver full help thus making it easier to retain customers. Capture Solutions has managed to become an asset to many companies.

Capture Solutions provides solutions for:

  • Learning institutions by providing biometrics that can easily capture the attendance of students in school.
  • Health sector by use of a medicapture which verifies the staff`s medical insurance adhering to guidelines that only the scheme members acquire medication.
  • Food production where there is the providence of custom solutions in tea, tobacco, milk, macadamia, coffee, mays, sunflower, pulses, and livestock. This is made possible by the use of a weigh capture which manages the acquisition of items by weighing them via a scale or if not an android smartphone will also do.
  • Companies, whereby Unique fingerprint devices are provided for a firm to effectively capture the time workers, arrive and their attendance. Billing of meter, meter census, smart prepaid meters, valve remote control is made easy.
  • Businesses where the employer receives a notification that the employees want to pay for bills for the firm, indicating clear track of what it entails and once you send an approval they can go ahead to pay the bills.
  • Public Construction agencies and construction companies giving assistance on the control and management of its workforce and the sites where construction is taking place. A build capture is provided by Capture Solutions which enables the tracking of the workers on-site, accounting for the materials to be used, and monitoring the developments taking place in the site.
  • Mobile applications for payment gateways, online trading, and also accounting and reports for sales.
  • Industrial-based companies by providing a smart box that allows remote monitoring of key ISO standards measurements. There is also providence of internet of things solutions for example vibration sensor remote control and other hardware integrations.

Capture solutions has always purposed to:

  • Maintain high ethical standards during the whole process of delivering services to clients. This builds a rapport with the clients who also leave with a good reputation.
  • Work professionally whereby they draw and come up with quality solutions thus despite the level of problem that is brought forward to them they treat it with full diligence based on effective research done.
  • Embrace new opportunities that come on board as well adapting to changes in the technology which occurs rapidly.
  • Ensure that all clients who ask for their help are welcomed in a proper manner, elaborated more on what they need help for, provided with a solution ensuring that once the work is done the client is satisfied enough making them consider using the Capture Solutions services once more.
  • Provide services within a timeline ensuring that they are innovative enough to avoid emulating others and also delivering long-term solutions to the problems.
  • Treating one another in the workplace with respect so as to achieve a common goal which is to become better and always be the lead.
  • Taking pride in providing services to improving the communities as well as ensuring that the stakeholders are content with the work done.

Caren solutions have partnered with agencies such as Procure International Ltd, alma pro, red beam consulting ltd and many others and have always delivered the best thus making reaching out to them a good deal.