Thursday, August 18, 2022
Thursday, August 18, 2022
Home Startups Zydii is an online learning platform for Africans to get empowered and grow.

Zydii is an online learning platform for Africans to get empowered and grow.

by Weddy Thuranira
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Zydii is an online program for Africans to access modules online thus enabling them to improve on the knowledge which goes on to improve their living standards. Zydii offers courses that are relatable and marketable in the current competitive generation. The tutors are Africans who have succeeded and are willing to equip wisdom and tips on how to be successful as well. You have an opportunity to choose the mode of learning that you want, it can be through a desktop, mobile as well as laptops. The payment is accessible through mobile money such as Mpesa which after making the purchase you can go ahead to select the course that you want to learn and start the classes right away.

Zydii offers courses which coaches to:

  • Career path taking whereby Zydii encourages people to follow their career paths to succeed in life.
  • Explore more about technology apart from what is commonly known by everyone.
  •  Embrace Information on how to improve on working on yourself without always asking for help from others.
  • Interact with family, friends, and parenting skills as this occurs on a life basis and one cannot live by themselves and helping people as well so that they can be there for you when you also need them.
  • Grow businesses by being provided business tips by tutors who have heard experience in relevant fields.

Zydii provides opportunities for:

  •  Tutors who have great knowledge, expertise, and experience whereby they can expand their scope and advertise their content which can enable them to attract more audiences who later on enroll thus earning more income for them.
  • Students who want to gain knowledge as the platform is cost-friendly as well as convenient since you access it online at your own comfort. Zydii is here to lead you to achieving your dreams by imparting knowledge in the courses offered.
  • Firms that are in need of more information on how to expand their business are sorted in the way that there are coaching programs for employees who can be for a specific period or a continuous.

Zydii has partnered with:

  • Innovation week for Nairobi in 2018 where Zydii was given an opportunity to assist in changing the training programs into online courses which could be accessible for the people who had not attended the innovation week. Among the popular courses offered were the UNESCO and Botland Android programming courses. Introduction to Block chain Technology was introduced during the innovation week and later an online course in Zydii
  • Uber whereby the partnership entails of empowering the partner drivers. The partner drivers have been enlightened more on courses such as first aid ,how to manage finances ,better customer service and building a rapport with customers as well better business skills. The drivers who have undertaken the programs are appreciating the information and putting it into skills making them earn more financially.

Zydii has made it possible for many Africans to change their way of thinking by providing useful information which has made them view life in a different way and embracing every moment in life thus building their lives positively. Positive feedbacks have been made which makes Zydii the place to be.

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