Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is Selling His First Ever Tweet For $2.5 Million

Twitter Chairman Jack Dorsey Interview
Twitter Chairman and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey will be selling his first ever tweet for $2.5 million and he says the money will go to charity.

People out here have money, if you’re broke then its simply because you don’t have money and the fact that Jack Doresy’ tweet has been auctioned for $2.5 million is proof enough. The Twitter CEO literally wrote “just setting up my twttr” and it was up for bidding.

As of Tuesday morning the highest offer was from Sina Estavi, CEO of Bridge Oracle for $2.5 million. However, for those who are interested in beating this very generous bid it is still ongoing and the auction will end in March 21st where the proceeds will be converted to bitcoin and given to Africa response fund.

All about NFTs.

In case you’re not aware NFT is a non-fungible token is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique. NFTs are called non-fungible because they are not mutually interchangeable, since they contain unique information, although it is possible to mint any number of NFTs representing the same object.

The tweet’s NFT auction comes amid a surge in popularity of crypto collectibles. Ownership of these assets is recorded on a blockchain — a digital ledger similar to the networks that underpin bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But a person can’t exchange one NFT for another as they would with dollars or other assets. Each NFT is unique and acts as a collector’s item that can’t be duplicated, making them rare by design.

Another business venture.

Dorsey has also been a vocal proponent of bitcoin. Last month, he announced that he’s partnering with music mogul Jay-Z to set up an endowment fund to fund the digital coin’s development, initially in Africa and India. His digital payments company Square also purchased approximately 3,318 bitcoins in late February, expanding on its October 2020 buy of 4,709.