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How to Download and Use TopStore App

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If the official iOS app store simply doesn’t do it for you anymore, try TopStore. An unofficial app store, TopStore provides users with an alternative selection of modified apps, games, and much more, all free and all with no jailbreak needed.

How to Download TopStore

Installing TopStore on your device requires you to install the configuration profile. Here’s how:

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  1. Using Safari browser, navigate to the official TopStore website
  2. Download the configuration profile and tap Install on the popup message
  3. When the TopStore icon is loaded on your home screen, it’s nearly ready to use
  4. First, open Settings > General and go into Profiles & Device Management
  5. Tap the TopStore profile, tap Trust, and close Settings
  6. TopStore is now ready for you to use.

How to Use TopStore:

TopStore is user-friendly and easy to navigate:

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  1. Tap the TopStore icon to open it
  2. Choose a category
  3. Find any app or game that you like and tap it to download it
  4. Tap Install, and when the icon appears on your home screen, it is installed.
  5. If the untrusted developer error appears when you use the app, follow step 4 onwards in the installation instructions.

TopStore Features

Aside from being free and not needing a jailbreak, you also get access to thousands of modified games, tweaked apps, and more. And, to make things easy, everything is in one of these categories:

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  • iOS Apps – official content for free
  • Exclusive Apps – unofficial content that can only be found here, including working emulators, screen recorders, and more
  • Top iOS Games – the best iOS games for free and all features unlocked
  • Modified Apps – stock apps with cool new features

TopStore Errors and Solutions

Although TopStore is a reliable installer, it does have a few common errors, all simple to resolve:

White or Blank Screen

Very common and very easy to fix:

  1. Launch Settings>Safari
  2. Tap Clear Website Data
  3. The screen should be back to normal.

If this doesn’t resolve the issues, delete TopStore and start again

TopStore Keeps Crashing

It is an unofficial app installer and, while it may be legal to use, it is built using expired enterprise certificates. Apple doesn’t like this and revokes them pretty quickly, causing TopStore to crash. At this stage, do NOT delete the app store; the developers will replace the certificates, so wait up to 48 hours and, in the meantime, install an anti-revoke app or a recommended VPN, stopping this from happening again.

SSL Errors

SSL Errors are common with unofficial content but are simple to fix:

Method 1:

  1. Close Safari, ensuring each individual tab is closed down
  2. Make sure you have no open apps on your device
  3. Wait a few minutes
  4. Download TopStore – it should work now.

If not, try this:

Method 2:

  1. Again, close Safari, making sure all individual tabs are shut too
  2. Close all open apps on your device
  3. Power your device off and wait a few minutes
  4. Power it on, download TopStore, and it should work

Untrusted Developer Error

This is another common issue with unofficial content – Apple doesn’t know the developer; therefore,  they cannot trust them – you can:

  1. Open Settings>General>Profiles & Device Management
  2. Locate the TopStore or app developer profile(the name is in the error message)
  3. Tap on it and then tap trust
  4. Close Settings – your app should now work

How to Delete TopStore

Deleting TopStore is simple, whether it is to fix errors or because you simply don’t want it anymore. Choose from these two methods:

Method 1: App Icon

  1. Long-hold on the icon on your home screen
  2. When it wiggles, tap on the small X at the top corner of it
  3. Tap Delete

Method 2: App Profile

  1. Open Settings and go to General
  2. Tap on Profiles & Device Management
  3. Tap the TopStore Profile
  4. Tap Delete Profile

Both methods will remove TopStore from your device.

Frequently Asked TopStore Questions

We get some questions about TopStore asked quite frequently – these answer those questions:

Will TopStore Affect My Device Warranty?

No, it won’t. TopStore is a legal app, partly because there is no requirement to jailbreak to use it. Instead of hacking the iOS root, you can use TopStore without needing any special permissions. If you are worried, simply delete it before you take your device to a store for repair and then install it again later.

Is TopStore Safe?

Yes, it is. Again, you do not need a jailbreak, so you are not leaving your device open to any external threats. Plus, SSL encryption keeps your downloads, data, and device security. Lastly, you must install any updates the developer issues as these not only bring you new content but they also provide security and bug fixes.

TopStore is one of the best unofficial installers available today; try it now for free and change how you download your apps from this day on.


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