This Is How To Lock Your Android Device Remotely


This is how to lock your android device remotely.

If you’re reading this its probably because you lost your phone or you forgot your phone on your girlfriend’s side table and now you’re wondering if she’s read through your messages already. In case you didn’t know you could actually use your android device manager which is handy service that allows you to see the location of a lost or stolen Android device. Additionally you can also remotely tell the device to ring as well as to delete data and now you can lock your phone remotely.

The latest update to Android Device Manager enables remote password locking. If you want to prevent others from accessing your missing device, you can send a new password to secure it.

How do you do it?

The feature is easy enough to implement. On your Android device, open the Android Device Manager. Check the options to remotely locate your device and to allow remote lock and factory reset if not already checked.

Finally lock it down.

Browse to the Android Device Manager Web site and scan for your device. You should see three options: “Ring,” “Lock,” and “Erase.” To send a new lock code to your device, click on “Lock.” Enter and confirm the new password and then click on the “Lock” button. Your device will display an alphanumeric keypad requiring someone to key in the new password to access the device.

This would be ideal if you’ve lost or forgotten your phone or you simply want to keep your device safe from prying eyes.