How To Record A WhatsApp Call On Your Phone


How do you record a WhatsApp call on your phone?

Lets assume that the conversation you’d like to record is actually intended for good purposes and not to blackmail anyone in particular. For example, you are taking notes on a WhatsApp call or an interview for a project or article. It is relatively easier to record a call from your phone recorder than on WhatsApp as it does not support native call recording.

However, the trick can be done by using workarounds. It is still relatively easier to record a WhatsApp call on Android than on an iPhone, as Apple does not allow third-party apps to access the microphone and a phone app at the same time. But there is still a way, a little tedious one at that, that does the job. However, make sure that you take permission for whose call you are going to record.

How do you record a phone call on android?

As mentioned above, if your Android phone has a call recorder, which it most likely will, you can use it to record your voice as well as your video calls, given that your phone supports multitasking. Once your call is live, you can open your phone’s voice recorder and press on record. Make sure that the audio is on the speakerphone so that the recorder gets both the speaker and receiver’s voice.

f your phone does not have a voice recorder you can download Google’s Recorder app from Google Play Store or an app called the Cube Call Recorder. Both the apps are free and can come in handy to record calls.

What about iPhones?

Coming to iPhones, Apple does not allow third-party apps to access the microphone and a phone app at the same time as a result of which the screen record feature and the voice memo recorder on your iPhone cannot be put to use. Further, there are no App Store apps that support call recordings.

The workaround can be a little tedious, and the easiest way to record your WhatsApp calls from an iPhone is that you don’t. This does not mean you will not get a hold of the call recording but you may just not get it on the iPhone as it will be convenient for you to record a call from another phone while keeping the speaker on.

We know that’s a bit of a bummer but probably this ensures that if you have an iPhone trust that your data is well guarded if you need to record conversations we suggest you invest in an android.