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Hao Finder help you find your dream house via your smartphone

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Haofinder.com is an online platform offering accommodation for houses for individuals, hostels for students, offices and businesses. Hao Finder aims to make house hunting a simple process in Kenya as this is a very tedious process for many people especially when new to that certain area. Founded by Gilbert Waliuba, Hao Finder an IT and Real Estate Company leads you in discovering reasonably priced houses in Kenya. Hao Finders ensure that all their clients and Real estate partners are well attended to. Hao Finders Ambassadors and Hao Finder Guardians have powered the services of IT solutions as well as peer-to-peer interactions.

Most customers are served the same day they ask for Hao Finders services and if not within 48 hours Hao Finders delivers rental houses or commercial property to its customers. Assurance that the houses and properties are real is by verification of the houses and properties done by Hao Finders where they take their won photos and videos.

The procedure of booking a house with Hao finders is:

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  • Form filling whereby you are required to present your contact details and your budget and type of house or property that you need explaining it in detail.
  • Hao finders are able to analyze your data and offer services. In a case where your preferred property is not found in their database, Hao Finders allocates your property request to a team of ambassadors who acquires the house for you before deadlines set.
  • After a house or property of your choice is found, Hao Finders sends a report that has all details in it concerning the house which can be via a call, WhatsApp, text, or email.
  • A visit to the house is the next step after the house hunt has been productive. Hao Finders agent accompanies you to the property. There is also an option of using the contacts and location details provided to pay a visit as well. This is encouraged by Hao Finders for verification and booking as well.
  • Hao Finders have the best customer service as they help their customers move in or out. This makes it a relaxed process for the clients.

Hao finders assists in finding another property with no extra fees in instance where the Landlord, manager of the property or an agent cancels your booking. This mostly occurs when searching to move out in apartments for sale in Nairobi or Westlands. If you’re looking to sell your home however, then you can achieve a quick sale at The Property Buying Company.

Payment is only done through the Mpesa Buy Goods till number 942027 (Hao Finder Group). There are no extra charges asked for so one is expected to pay the exact amount displayed. Hao Finders does not allow payments to be made to an individual number or bank account. Refunds are rare as the client is encouraged to make another choice or rather the transaction charges are charged then the amount left is given back to the client. It’s so easy to discover whether you’re dealing with Hao Finders ambassadors as they are branded with Hao Finder T-Shirts and with Hao Finder Staff IDs as well. Hao Finders covers most houses for sale in Kenya and also anyone who needs to vend or purchase a house. Hao Finders clients support call is +254770 537 943 or Via their email [email protected].

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
Weddy profiles new startups and innovators across Africa and announces funding rounds, mergers, acquisitions and startup partnerships across Africa. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Reach her and the entire news desk at [email protected]

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