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How to Check KPLC Bills Over the Phone

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In addition to using the Mpesa KPLC pay bill number to purchase electricity tokens, the E-bill can be used to check the KPLC bill over the phone or via e-mail.

The E-bill electronic querying system sends you an SMS with information about your KPLC account balance and the next due date for your electricity bill.

One could check the KPLC bill over the phone and receive the results via e-mail.

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How to Check Your KPLC Bill Via Phone

  • Make a new text message on your phone.
  • As the message, enter the first part of your KPLC account number. For instance, 332211 for account number 332211-02.
  • Send a text message to 95551.
  • You will receive an SMS message with your electricity account information from KPLC’s E-bill system!

The SMS is charged at a rate of Ksh 5 higher than standard SMS rates.

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The E-bill service is available for all Kenyan phone networks.

Confirm your information before sending the SMS to avoid sending multiple SMS at Ksh 5 above normal rates.

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The E-bill does not replace the traditional KPLC bill delivery method. Your electricity bill will continue to be sent to you as usual – via your postal office address.

How to Use USSD to Check Your Electricity Bill

Dial *977# to gain access to a wide range of KPLC pre-paid services, such as purchasing tokens and checking your most recent token refill.

How to check your electric bill via email.

  • Send an email with a blank subject to [email protected].
  • In the subject field of your email, type the first part of your KPLC account number, for example, 564898 for an account number 564898-01.
  • The KPLC E-bill service will automatically respond to your e-mail address.

KPLC services can also be accessed through the Kenya Power – Self Service website.

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