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The Best Free Online Resume Templates: How to Find The One That Works For You

Not everyone is the same.

That’s why not every resume is going to be the same.

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It may look like they are— but with the help of a template, you can make yours stand out.

There are several criteria that every resume should have in common.

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Both the kind of resume you are writing and the type of job you are applying for determine the kind of template to use.

To make the most of some of the best free online resume templates, you need to know:

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What makes a good resume?

What makes a good resume template?

The best resume template for you

What makes a good resume?

If your resume doesn’t contain good content, it wouldn’t matter if you had the best template in the world.  Before you look for a template, remember that, when writing your resume, there should be an emphasis on four important things:

  • Content.  Depending on what kind of job you are applying for, what you put on your resume should contain information about you, your past experience, and your soft/hard skills. 
  • Personalized to you.  Not every person is the same so not every resume is the same.  Let yourself stand out by using strong adjectives that accurately describe you.
  • Truthful.  If you don’t have the skill, don’t put it on your resume.  You can always mention the skills you hope to have in the future in your cover letter.
  • Adjusted to the job you are applying for.  While staying truthful, be sure to emphasize and include the skills (both hard and soft) that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.

Also include past experience that is relevant to the job (i.e. if you are applying for a job as an editor, you would include the time you were a writing tutor over the time you were a part of the neighborhood car wash fundraiser).

What makes a good resume template?

Remember, there should always be an emphasis on content over layout design.  You want a template that will best organize and reflect your experience and skills to your future employer.  

The best resume template should have these three things:

  • Organization.  As you are searching for templates, don’t even consider the ones where words are jumping all over the page.  Look for a neat outline, with occasional line breaks.
  • Easy to read.  If you see a page packed full of words, your first instinct is probably not to read it.  White space makes the page look appealing.
  • Simple.  Flashy titles and bold colors are typically not ideal for a resume template.  Unless you’re a graphic designer, shy away from any overly creative layouts.
  • Adjusted to the job you are applying for.  Maybe you are applying to be a graphic designer— go for layouts that are more creative than just functional.  Your template should reflect the job you are applying for.

The best resume template for you

There are lots of free online resume templates to choose from, so it can be overwhelming.  

When you are looking, be sure to search for templates that exemplify the characteristics of a good template and include areas for the contents of a good resume.

For most jobs, it is typically best to use a standard template— something that is void of color and is organized linearly.  Even so, decide based on your needs and whether or not the employer is looking for a creative resume.

Remember, it is not the layout of the resume that counts, but the content it contains.

Author Bio: Sam Edwards is a content writer who lives in Tunbridge Wells. He is work at Kemistri. When he is not writing, he can be found grabbing a coffee or playing guitar.

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