Chaji Energy provides charging of 1000 electric motorcycle batteries simultaneously.


Chaji Energy intends to play a key role in the boda boda industry by providing a charging infrastructure. Chaji Energy plans on charging 1000 batteries at a time and at least 3000 motorcycle batteries per day.

Majority of the people in Kenya use motorcycles for their public transportation .This is because they are faster and convenient as well as faster compared to the “matatus” the most common means of transportation in Kenya. The frequently used word for the motorcycles is boda. Startups have been started to electrify the boda boda industry which include Eco boda, Fika Mobility and Opibus. Chaji Energy aims at making this even better by providing a charging infrastructure.

A solar PV will provide charging for the 1000-battery charging stations .This will reduce the cost of operations largely. The setting up of a Solar PV plant will take time in offsetting the electricity bill as it varies on the size of the plant. It is also known that the tariffs of grid -tied systems in Kenya under are closer to 9 cents/kWh.The mix of Kenya’s energy is 90% renewable thus enhancing the charging of the batteries with clean electricity. After factoring in all levies and taxes, depending with the facility type and market segment, Kenya’s electricity tariffs can be as high as USD 23 cents /kWh.

Chaji Energy plans on having a hub and spoke model. Hubs will receive batteries from the bigger electric vans .The last mile delivery electric bikes/tutus will take to the smaller swap stations (spokes).Chaji Energy plans on electrifying all their transportation networks. The first bets that Chaji Energy plans on undertaking is the Nissan eNV2OO .This will vary with how much Chaji Energy raises. Some bigger vans like Sprinter Van could be brought as well. A fluid model has been adopted which varying with the request from people there will be usage of swap data to determine request per station.

There have been discussions with diverse manufacturers and refinement of a base design to suit different specs .The batteries will be stored and distributed. The riders will be charged for the energy they use. A percentage of the money directly goes to the manufacturer. Riders can either purchase or rent one battery that they can easily swap.

Chaji Energy is here to make transportation using boda boda easy and convenient for everyone. Chaji Energy is for you