6 Surprisingly Good Ideas on How To Use Facebook Contests To Expand Your Email List  

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Marketing strategies have immensely evolved over the past few years to include social and online marketing. Although social media usage in the growing customer base is still very relevant, emails seem more useful from a business perspective. So is there a way to grow your email list using social media marketing such as Facebook pages?  


Business owners collect emails from customers to help them stay in touch and offer promotions that they introduce in the future. This is a great way for buyers to stay up to date with new products and services. 

How Can Facebook Help In This Regard?  

Well, isn’t it obvious looking at the number of users that this social app currently has?  

Facebook has 1.15 billion existing profiles with over 680 million users who actively use it on a daily basis. Moreover, these numbers continue to grow every year.  

It is because of the widespread use that makes it important for businesses to maintain an active presence here. This will boost their social media reach and also help expand their email list quickly.  

Here are some types of promotions you can use with Facebook that will definitely help you reach your goal quicker than competitors.  

Sweepstakes Facebook Promotions  

Growing email lists by using sweepstakes Facebook promotion has become quite popular. Many leading retailers in the world of online marketing carry out sweepstakes surveys likewise participate in subway surveys to win $50 and give their customers a chance to win big.  

This makes all the more sense now since the majority of the buyers agree that online shopping lets you pay securely and conveniently as compared to physically being present at the store. Moreover, if you can win something while doing your everyday grocery then isn’t it great?  

When you are designing the entry form, notify the participants that they will have to provide their email ID in order to continue. Always make sure that you inform customers exactly in what manner their personal data will be used. 

Offer an Interesting Deal or Coupon  

You can introduce a deal tab on your Facebook page as an effective promotion strategy. This should be enough to bring the user’s attention to the incentives that you are offering. Those who are willing to continue will provide you with their email ID and contact information.  

Facebook Photo Contests  

This one has to be our all-time favorites. Photo contests are not only fun to be part of but also have the tendency to attract the largest number of participants. You can grow your email list by extracting this information from every user who wished to take part. Since Facebook is mostly dominated by teenagers who love to take pictures, this technique is bound to go a long way.  

So, these are some of the ideas that you can employ to grow your email list using Facebook contests and promotions. It is quite easy to run a Facebook promotion and it would not cost you much as well. If put to the right use, you will have your email list expanding seamlessly.