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Mhogo foods ltd aims at providing the best cassava products in Africa.

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Mhogo Foods is a Kenyan business cooporation that deals with Cassava tubers by processing them into pocket friendly products. These products include: nutritious gluten free flour, cassava crisps, cassava crisps, cassava starch and animal feeds. The objective is to be the leading company that adds value to cassava in Africa. Small holder farmers will benefit from this as well as proving food for the many families in Africa.

Farmers are trained on how to cultivate the tubers. The farmers are provided with a fair deal of the products they give for sale. In this way, they are able to meet their ends meet. Farmers love working with such firms for they are able to benefit largely.

Products offered.

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  • Cassava crisps known as Yinka.: -These crisps are thin, crunchy and nutritious. Flavors provided are perfectly salted, Sizzling Hot Chiliad Amazing Paprika. The Cassava crisps are made from fresh picked cassava tubers. Sunflower Oil is used for the deep frying. The seasoning is done perfectly ensuring that the needs of the consumers are met.
  • Mhogo foods cassava flour: –

Natural Cassava flour and Fortified Cassava flour are the types of flours processed. The flour produced is nutritious, gluten free flour cassava. Production methods are the best as the Cassavas are handpicked, dried under the sun and milled the best way possible. Preparation of cakes, pancakes, porridge, soup thickening, ugali, etc. can be done using the flours.

  • Tapioca flour or Cassava starch.

It’s a flour for domestic and manufacture use. All these products are handpicked from Cassava tubers.

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Significance of Mhogo Foods ltd.

  • One of the Un sustainable development goals is hunger reduction and Mhogo Foods focuses on that as their objective.
  • Poverty levels in Kenya have been reduced. Farmers are paid fair prices which enable them to earn profit after sale. Their living standards are as well improved through this.
  • Products of high quality are produced by Mhogo foods ltd. Fresh products are produced right from the farm. There is an assurance that the products are free from chemicals that are harmful to our health.

Nutritional value is added as Mhogo foods does manufacturing of products which are gluten free.

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Consumers can link with the Mhogo Foods ltd via telephone no’s: +2547 924 780 50, email: care@, or via their social media pages. In need of cassava products, Mhogo foods ltd is the place to be. Customers are assured that their needs are fully met.

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
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