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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A PC Case for Your Next Build

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Choosing a case for your pc build is one of if not the first things that you have to do. Sure, you want a case that looks nice and fits the theme of your build. But it also has to be extremely functional and have all the necessary features that you would need. Then there are outside factors like the amount of space you have on your desk that can affect the size of the case you have to buy. Keeping all this in consideration can get fairly overwhelming. So, to help you in this situation, here are a few handy tips for choosing a pc case.

Lookup user reviews:

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As mentioned earlier, a pc case has so many different variables. All of these little things can cause massive headaches if they don’t work properly. So, before you buy any case, look for reviews. For example, if you are going to buy a horizontal case, then look up horizontal pc case reviews on thecrazybuyers. Doing so will give you insight into all the things about the case that aren’t apparent from the product photos on the manufacturer’s website.

Consider your components:

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There are all sorts of different sizes of pc cases available on the market. Each one of them can have a different layout and clearance for certain parts. Buying a case that is too small for your CPU cooler or graphics card is a frustration that can easily be avoided. Even if you can return the case free of charge and get a different one, the time wasted on shipping it back and waiting for the new one is never coming back. So, make sure you have a clear idea of the size of the case and the parts that you plan to put in it before you purchase a case.

Think about upgradability:

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Arguably, the best part about owning a pc is the customization and upgrade options that you have. In the future, you can upgrade your graphics card, power supply, CPU, cooling system, anything really. But all this upgradability gets thrown out the window if your pc case isn’t compatible with the upgrade. There can be more than one factor causing this issue.

Size is the obvious one, as newer parts, especially graphics cards, are notorious for getting bigger every generation, so a case that barely fits your current one won’t be able to fit the new one any time soon. Similarly, airflow is another major thing you have to consider. As parts get faster and faster, they intake more power and output more heat and require beefier cooling solutions. This can cause trouble in the future when you need more fans or a bigger CPU cooler.

Focus on build quality:

A high-quality pc case can last and be upgraded for years without having to change a single thing and changing your entire case every few years is a pain. So, when you are deciding to make a pc case purchase, make sure to go for the best possible build quality.

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