How to Make More Money on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented search engine in the world. However, the majority of LinkedIn users see it as nothing more than a place to post their online résumé.

If your career isn’t progressing as you’d like it to and you’re not making as much money as you’d like, LinkedIn may be able to help. It can be a great social network to use to generate income in a variety of ways.

LinkedIn Ways to Earn Money

Sign up in LinkedIn Profinder

LinkedIn Profinder is a professional service marketplace where you can find the best freelance and independent work. All you need to do is sign up, and you’ll be able to find a slew of jobs from people looking for your expertise.

Join or start a LinkedIn group

Create or join LinkedIn groups related to your interests. If a registered user wishes to form a group, he or she can contact interested or relevant members via email templates. Increase the size of your mailing list by using announcements, webinars, or free content giveaways.

Joining a group allows you to professionally expand your network. Your profile will appear in the right sidebar alongside the profiles of the group members. This will give you a better opportunity to find a professionally relevant job while earning money.

Create a free piece of content.

Free training videos, white papers, reports, and e-books are a simple way to bring new customers into your sales funnel. LinkedIn connections and groups should be given a link to your squeeze page.

Inviting people to a webinar is a good idea.

Webinars that promise free, valuable education (even if people know there will be a sales pitch at the end) are also simple to promote to your LinkedIn connections and groups.

Offer LinkedIn discounts.

People are fascinated by the concept of saving. Create a promotional code for your new product and distribute it to your LinkedIn connections and groups.

Add your new product to your LinkedIn profile’s projects section.

Only the projects and publications sections of your LinkedIn profile allow you to directly link to your website.

Find and connect with influential LinkedIn members in your niche

To see if they’d be willing to write a review or become an affiliate for your information product Look for people who have a lot of endorsements and recommendations, as these are the people who others look up to and trust for advice.

Encourage people to write a recommendation for your product.

By including a recommend button on your product page. When people discover your products on your company page, they will gain social proof.

Add a presentation, commercial, or explainer video

Add a presentation, commercial, or explainer video as a media element to the summary section of your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your media includes a strong call to action and a link.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile so that those looking to hire you can find you.

Include your primary keyword (SEO consultant, freelance writer, etc.) in the headline, current and previous job titles, summary, skills, and other areas of your profile. This increases the likelihood of someone finding you in LinkedIn search results.

When you publish a new book, notify your contacts.

You can either send personalized messages to each of your contacts (which is recommended) or private messages to up to 50 contacts at once. Include an invitation to an interview in your message to increase the likelihood that people will write about you and your new book on their blog.

Add books and e-books to your LinkedIn profile’s “Publications” section.

The best part is that you can include a link to books on Amazon or e-books on your website so that people can purchase them.

Join groups that are related to the book’s topic.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to mention your book in discussions. To avoid appearing as a spammer, consider using the reply privately option to only let people who ask questions about the book within the group know about it.

Make a video trailer to promote your book.

Add that video to YouTube and then include it as a media element in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile.

 Create an awesome post on your blog about your book.

Make sure to include a LinkedIn share button in your blog post and then share it with your LinkedIn connections in a status update.

Encourage Market or Product Affiliation.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money. It earns money online and can write excellent reviews. There are numerous advantages to promoting those on LinkedIn to increase affiliate sales. You can distribute your affiliate marketing review posts through groups.

Using LinkedIn Advertising

Invest in LinkedIn Advertising to increase your earnings.

Create an ad campaign to promote the free giveaway by utilizing the targeting options. You can even create an ad campaign based on your product’s target demographics.

LinkedIn #motivation

Hashtags are required in all existing social media channels. Everyone, from the common man to large corporations, uses hashtags to get noticed. Hashtags work differently on LinkedIn than they do on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

LinkedIn can be used to make money in a variety of ways.