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6 Best Apps That Can Help You Count Calories

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These are the best apps that can help you count calories.

The year is almost midway through but this doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue your goals or give up on them. One of the biggest personal goals people have is weight loss but for you to do so you need to have a plan and a way to track what you’re eating as well.


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Lifesum is also one of our favourite best diet apps because of its flexibility, ease-of-use, integrated platforms, and motivational components. With Lifesum, you’ll not only enjoy a simple and quick way to count calories, but you’ll also learn how to eat healthier, plan for meals, understand the nutrient quality of different foods, and more.

Lifesum’s calorie counter feature includes an impressive food database and a barcode scanner for easy logging. Lifesum also supports macronutrient and net carb tracking, so if you need to count calories on a keto diet, Lifesum will work for you. No matter what you track, Lifesum gives you daily reports and a Life Score™ so you always know how you’re doing.

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If you tend to feel demotivated about health and weight loss efforts, you should try the SparkPeople Calorie Tracker app. Not only will you get everything you need in a calorie tracker—such as a food database, barcode scanner, meal planner, exercise journal, and more—but you also get access to a robust community forum and a support network full of health and fitness professionals who are there to help you.

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The SparkPeople community component also features regular health and fitness challenges, which can help you stay motivated with a surge of extra support. The message boards, member stories, instructional fitness demo videos, and SparkPeople blog add multiple elements of support.


If you want to do a little more than just count calories (although counting calories alone can be extremely effective for weight loss), you can track all of your nutrients specific to any diet with MyNetDiary. In addition to a basic calorie counter tool, MyNetDiary allows you to set a focus, such as macros, paleo, or keto.

4.Lose It

Overall, Lose It! is a great diet app and weight loss app, largely because it provides app users with such a simple way to log and count calories. Its four main features—goal-setting, food and exercise tracking, app and device integration, and community platform—make this app an easy addition to any health efforts you’re currently pursuing.

5.Carb manager

Carb Manager makes it easy to stay in ketosis and maintain or lose weight with three different calculators: A keto calculator allows you to track carbs and net carbs; a nutrient calculator allows you to track protein, fats, and other nutrients; a calorie calculator brings it all together and shows you your total food consumption for the day.


ControlMyWeight is the app for anyone who just wants to count calories — and that’s it. There’s beauty in simplicity, and that shows with ControlMyWeight. When you open the app, you’ll be faced with a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate interface. The number of features on ControlMyWeight doesn’t compare to most of the other calorie counter apps on this list, but that’s exactly the point.

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Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waithera is a young writer from Daystar University. She has been a writer for 7 years and enjoys it as a hobby and passion. During her free time she enjoys nature walks, discoveries ,reading and takes pleasure in new challenges and experiences. Contact: [email protected]

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