Afribon designs to bring the taste of Africa to the world by equipping skills to the food and beverage processing industries


Afribon Group aims at designing and marketing taste solutions for all application sectors in the food and beverage processing industry. Our team is based in four countries in East Africa. These are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Tools like JavaScript Widgets, Analytics, Hosting, etc. are among the examples of equipments we use. For the For the benefit of our clients we use over 8 technology tools on its website.

Launched in 2012, Afribon was created by flavors and fragrances experts. Julien Giuge is one of the co- founders of Afribon and also the Managing Director of Afribon. He graduated from ESSEC and has worked in China for nine years. For three years, he was the manager of Chinese subsidiary of the AROMATECH Group, a French group specializing in the production of flavors and fragrances.

Anne Merienne is another of co-founder of Afribon. In the Kenyan sector, she is the director. Being a graduate of ESCP, Merienne has also worked in China and the United Arab Emirates. She has worked for the Beaumanoir group and Accor group of management control and business development positions.

Based in Kenya, the two have lived in numerous countries in Africa for the past five years. Their focus was to provide manufacturers in East Africa with unique and quality tailored ingredient solutions. Notably manufacturers of beverages ,biscuits and dairy products have worked with us for solutions.

As a regional African flavor house, we purpose to offer the offer the best customer experience to our clients .Reduction of complexity for our customers is the best way to encourage them to work with us. Success of the African food and beverage manufacturers is a success for us too. We encourage our customers to come up with new ideas for their products for formulation, adjustment of recipes and the initial production too.