South Africa’s food-tech startup Kombo King raises an undisclosed amount of funding for expansion.


South Africa’s Kombo King, has announced the launch of its innovative and patented deep fryer technology to retailers after securing funding from the Vumela Fund, established by FNB Business and Edge Growth.

The several health and safety benefits of the Kombo King products as well as the fact that they’re designed and manufactured locally, were the key factors that   drove the investment decision made by Vumela and Edge Growth.

Founders Ari Jacobson and KK Combi founded Kombo King in 2015.The founders grew up in the townships of South Africa and understood the need and gap in the market for fast, consistent and healthier fried food that is easily made available for consumers .On a trip to Beljing, one of the founders KK realized the importance of speed to service customers on the move and in a small space. This made KK have a desire to turn the dream into reality.

This went ahead to bring on the advanced fryer technology that is currently seen in leading branded stores in South Africa. The many iterations of the fryer evolution held KK’s eye for ten years and when opportunity came, the business was founded. Kombo King is a South African kitchen equipment supplier and   it also provides vent less fryer technology to the fried food niche market.

The innovative vent less fryer offers   the retail stores a pocket friendly option compared to the traditional fryers. The Kombo King’s fryer also saves the retailers the costs incurred on electricity and oil costs alongside kitchen space. Created and manufactured in South Africa, the Kombo King’s fryer increases the quality of food provided in the value market.

Test Africa, a company that sets standards in South Africa for such equipment has approved the Kombo King’s fryer. There has also been an approval from the City Council in that the Kombo King’s fryer does not require extraction.

Kombo King focuses on balancing three priorities speed, consistency and freshness when delivering a meal. This ensures that consumers do not have to wait on long queues anymore and they are   provided with a satisfactory meal in just three minutes. No other equipment can do it better than Kombo King’s fryer.