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The Best Laser Engraver for Wood Enthusiasts

by James Musoba
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Every craftsman agrees that wood is one of the most versatile and easy-to-handle materials. There are many amazing projects wood can be used for or transformed into easily. One of the many purposes of wood is for engraving different designs on it using various machines such as CNC machines, diode lasers, and CO2 laser engravers. CO2 laser engravers have now become the best machine for engraving wood because of their crafting compatibility with organic materials. Either as a business entity or DIYer, you must strive to acquire the best laser cutter products for wood. Many newcomers in the laser engraving industry make the mistake of investing in machines with little or no research and end up overspending and filled with buyer’s remorse. Let’s discuss some factors to bear in mind when looking for the best laser engraver for wood engraving needs.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind

To avoid buyer’s remorse and get value for every penny you invest in a CO2 laser engraver, you need to consider these key factors: 


When setting out to get a CO2 laser engraver, you should have a set budget and comprehend what you can actually afford. This is because a budget would make you more objective and help you carefully hunt for the best buy. You should look beyond performance and specifications as the only deciding factors when fixing a budget. Ask yourself questions like these:

  • How expensive and available are the spare parts of this machine?
  • Does the company have effective technical support?
  • How good is the customer service?
  • Do they have a good and well-maintained website?
  • Can you be tutored on how to use and fix simple problems if they arise in the machine if there is a problem?
  • Would there be a warranty against any future issues the machine might have?
  • Are their machines certified and QA tested?

Find a brand that answers all these questions fairly, and then start working your budget around their machines.

Lifetime Productivity

This is a significant factor as it determines how long the device can serve you. The feature that determines the effective service life is the specified wattage of the machine. Some machines do not have enough power to engrave for long. A standard laser engraver shouldn’t have power less than 40W to produce quality products. Since optimal power increases a laser engraver’s productivity, you can do the math to know what kind of laser tube power you would need based on the type of wood you plan to frequently engrave. As hardwoods take more time to cut and engrave than softwoods, finished wood also takes more time to engrave than unfinished wood.

Luckily for any newcomer, OMTech’s Mid-Range CO2 Laser Engravers have power ranging from 50W-80W. The 50W CO2 laser tube has a service life of 1300 to 1500 operation hours under recommended settings. Their 100W High Power CO2 Laser Engraver has an estimated lifetime of 1900 to 2000 operation hours under recommended settings. You can already imagine how productive your machine would be with such extensive operation hours.

Machine Efficiency

The efficiency of a laser engraver machine is determined by how fast it can engrave without compromising the quality of the engraving. Efficiency depends on the combination of engraving speed and focal lens diameter, and so on. The generally accepted engraving speed for wood is 100-500mm/s, though that the actual speed depends on the type of wood and the engraving depth you aim to achieve. The focal point comes into play to determine the depth of engraving, whereby the recommended focal lens diameter is 18mm. Both OMTech’s Mid-range and High Power Laser Engravers have an engraving speed of 100-500mm/s.

Bed Size

The machine’s workbed size is a crucial feature to look out for when choosing the best laser engraver for wood. The bed size determines how large the wood you can engrave will be at any given time. As expected, a bigger bed provides a larger work area to allow room for engraving a larger amount of wood at a time. It is also important to have an adjustable bed that can be moved up and down to allow you to engrave wood of different sizes. When engraving on large wood pieces, the standard metal strips on the machine’s working area should be sufficient. But when you need to engrave or cut on smaller pieces, a honeycomb is necessary. You can lay your hands on diverse bed sizes of OMTech’s engravers such as 12×20”, 20×28”, 24×40”, 35×55”, 40×63”, etc. With removable honeycomb or knifeblade beds, their Mid-range and High Power CO2 Laser Engravers have z-depth up to 8”. Failure to have the required space could cause some disorderliness during engraving and can limit one’s potential in the craft of engraving.


Finding the best laser engraver for wood might be a bit tricky, but you can get the best value for your money with proper research and guidance. Your ultimate goal should be to not overspend or end up with a low-quality laser engraver. For this reason, you should make OMTech your go-to partner as you work towards launching your business. A unique array of Mid-Range and High Power CO2 Laser Engravers is available for you to select from. These machines have all the features explained above and more. Shop wisely; buy OMTech!

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