Revix, a Cape Town-based cryptocurrency investment platform raises $4.1 million for rapid global growth


Revix, a Cape Town-based cryptocurrency investment platform with offices in London, has raised $4.1m (R58.5 million) for rapid global growth.The firm will use the capital raised to launch its mobile application and expand in the European Union.
In South Africa, Revix will use the funding to hire more than 30 additional South Africa-based executives to offer employment opportunities and long-term economic growth for its youth.

“We aim to blur the lines between investing in traditional asset classes, such as stocks, as well as the emerging alternative investment sectors, such as AI, biotech, 5G, eSports and cryptocurrencies, said Sean Sanders, CEO and Founder of Revix. “We want to empower everyday people to safely invest in emerging themes, technologies and asset classes in an effortless way.”

Founded in 2018 with a mission to help everyone to invest their own money and become their own wealth manager, Revix sees the exponential rise in the cryptocurrency market to grow past the present $2 Trillion valuation – making the digital asset class more valuable than Apple.

The investment platform offers a behavioural loyalty and rewards programme, where customers can earn points that can be redeemed for Bitcoin. “We’re building a behavioural loyalty model that incentivises investors to undertake smart investment decisions, such as diversifying their investment portfolios, growing the investment community, improving their financial knowledge and making smart long-term investment decisions, while being rewarded for doing so,” Sanders explains.

Recently, Revix was also one of 21 start-ups, and the only South African FinTech, to be accepted into the world-renowned six-month Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.

“The accelerator is renowned for partnering with businesses that target global societal challenges by using novel technologies. Revix has created a platform that has the potential to break down the barriers to access within this alternative investing space,” says Jocelyn Weber, director of X-Labs and Berkeley’s Blockchain Xcelerator.

The company was also one of 11 selected FinTechs (out of 500 applicants) for Wave 2 of the Qatar FinTech Hub’s (QFTH) Incubator and Accelerator Programmes.

“We are at the early stages of a multi-decade super-cycle of retail investing and are looking forward to progressing the intricate web of consumer tech, finance, and regulation needed to bring real innovation to the private investment space alongside Revix,” said Ibrahim Al Mannai, Executive Director of advisory and incubation at Qatar Development Bank.

“We’ve managed to achieve monumental growth in our first three years holding strong to our mission of helping millions of people reach their financial goals, which provides alternative investment options in a rapidly developing space,” concludes Sanders.