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How to use the M-PESA app without a Safaricom SIM card.

by Yvone Kendi
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Safaricom released the M-PESA app to the masses on app stores, albeit in a pilot phase.

The utility app, which focuses on M-PESA products rather than being an all-inclusive app like the Safaricom app, does this perfectly and has been praised by thousands of users.

So far, the carrier has not stated when the app will be released from testing so that all Kenyans can enjoy its services.

Now that I’ve used it for a while, I fully understand why its most people’s go-to app. The first is its contemporary design, which is pleasing to the eye.

Second, it has all of the basic M-PESA services, and some of them work even better, such as the ability to search through paybill numbers from a popular list.

M-Shwari has since been added to the app. You can now save money or apply for a loan without using the STK menu or mySafaricom app.

As of this writing, KCB M-PESA is still not supported.

One feature that has since impressed me is that the M-PESA app does not log you out if you change your SIM card to another phone. This means you can log in and transact normally without your account being linked to the SIM.

We have yet to prove that all services function properly in this manner. Still, it’s a great feature – and there was a time when a telco rep hinted that it would be available soon (but for mySafaricom app).

This function is similar to bank apps like Eazzy Banking, which you can install on as many phones as you want. Equity, on the other hand, has since upgraded its security policies to include an OTP for all transactions.

We look forward to seeing more features that will improve Safaricom’s mobile money app

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