Windows 10: the new Sun Valley interface appears a little more


Internet users have activated a slight change in interface hidden by Microsoft.Microsoft is working on a significant update referred to as the Valley. The update is for the Windows 10 operating system that could be released before the year ends.

We expect to see a new design and look for the Microsoft Store with policy changes that could disrupt the market. Above all, Sun Valley should make Windows 10 consistent and feel more modern from the aesthetic changes we are expecting.


We will be interested in a change that Microsoft has not announced but appeared in the last builds of Windows 10 in the Insider program.

The sun valley code name brings changes to the appearance of the start-up menu . The list appears to be separated from the taskbar while taking a rounded window shape. To access the menu, you will have to right-click on a taskbar application.

However, to make these changes happen. A window’s user must use a particular software used by developers known as the visual studio code Editor. After which, the user will activate a hidden variable known as the flag ShellExperienceHost.exe process. This is the process that manages the Windows 10 taskbar.

Once activating the correct variable or rather the JumpListRestyledAcrylic.The start-up menu will automatically have a new look.

Completely Unique design

confirmed by windows central. They suggest that the update may seem minor. In particular, we had the right to a mockup of Windows Central on the new features expected from Sun Valley. For the start menu, we found this idea of ​​a separate and rounded menu.

Image credit: Windows central

The update is scheduled for May

For now, it is impossible to access these changes on your laptop or computer because Sun Valley’s changes in Windows 10 are not available.

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The developer event is scheduled for May 25 to 27, 2021. We expect Microsoft to prepare an extended version of the preview during their presentation for the event held online.