iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5: iPhone and iPad update is available

Celje, Slovenia - October 07, 2018: Woman holding new iPhone XS smartphone (with protective VRS design case, 5.8 inch Retina display, silver color version with 256 GB memory) in her hand over the note pad.

The update 14.5 for Apple’s smartphones and tablets is available. It brings many new features. One of them is App Tracking Transparency, the anti-tracking feature that rages Facebook, the support of game console controllers, or the Navigo pass with NFC-compatible models. We’ll tell you everything.

This is the surprise of the beginning of the week. iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 are already available. One week after the release of the version dedicated to developers. So it’s time to heat the internet connection and download this considerable iOS. Especially since this new version is full of patches and fresh features.

To install the update, you can, of course, wait for your phone or tablet to notify you of the update in the notification area. Or, for the more impatient, you can go to the settings menu, then “General” and “System Update.” In both cases, the procedure will be the same. Downloading the iOS, installing, and restarting. Finally, note that iOS 14.5 is compatible with all iOS 14-enabled smartphones (as well as for iPadOS 14.5 for tablets).

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Let’s review the various new features of iOS 14.5. The first one is the one that has made a lot of noises previously. App Tracking Transparency. These are Apple’s anti-tracking tools that Facebook didn’t like before Facebook changed its mind. Each app will now ask you if you allow it to track you when you use other apps or websites that don’t belong to the same company. Typically, do you let Facebook know which articles you’re looking at in Techmoran? In the negative, each application will only rely on its information obtained in its own right to offer you personalized advertisements.

Another interesting new feature is the ability to unlock your smartphone using your Apple Watch. The idea is simple. Face ID won’t scan your face if you open your smartphone when you’re wearing your smartwatch. This helps to get around facial identification problems with the masks we now wear daily. This feature is compatible with an Apple Watch Series 3 (with watchOS 7.4) or a newer model. We are relatively surprised that this feature has not been implemented before since it has been around for a long time on Android with the “Trusted Device” feature.


The third innovation of iOS 14.5 concerns Maps. It is now possible to report on the map a route incident in the navigation app. A crowded lane, an obstacle on the road, a traffic accident, a speed check, etc. Voice commands associated with Siri will allow this incident to be integrated into the map and alert other users in the manner of Waze. On the other hand, another command will enable you to cancel an alert if the incident is resolved. Of course, reporting an incident is possible with CarPlay. Finally, this function was first launched in China and the United States.

iOS 14.5 also brings iPad and iPhone compatibility with the Airtags that Apple introduced last week. If you have decided to purchase Airtags to attach to your bag, pet, or keys, it will be necessary to install iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 to activate and locate them. iOS 14.5 also brings compatibility with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X game controllers to play like a pro in App Store and Apple Arcade games. Finally, iOS 14.5 incorporates a new tool to calibrate the smartphone’s battery (or tablet) to get a more accurate idea of the wear of this component.

iOS 14.5 brings other interesting but secondary features. Here are my favorites: you can recharge your Navigo pass with your smartphone (from the iPhone X); You can connect in 5G with both SIM cards (SIM and eSIM); Podcast, News and Reminders apps benefit from aesthetic updates inspired by those applied to Apple Music, among others; there are two new voices for Siri in English (for all those who use the assistant in English), and new emojis appear (and they’re so cute!).