Free Apps for Android And iOS: Completly Free

Free applications

Most premium apps offer a lot of functionalities as compared to applications that are availed for free. However, accessing these premium Apps can be Costly and to make matters worse they are only on for a limited duration. 

These free Apps are available here at Techmoran on Sundays. However, as mentioned above, they are only available for a few hours or days. Be sure to hurry and grab the offer before the opportunity passes you. If you have more tips on Free Apps or if you find that the apps are not free. Then don’t worry, be sure to follow us at as this article is updated once in a while.

Trending Apps For Android.

90x Video Player Pro (Ksh400.00): This a professional tool that will allow you to watch your favorite movie in all video formats. It supports TS, FLV, MP4, MKV, M4V, MOV, AVI, and many other formats, including high-definition videos.

Kosmos – Work Time Tracker, Job Timesheet (Ksh300.00): If you want a better time management tool, there is none other than the Kosmos App.

Space Wallpaper 4K Pro (Ksh200.00): Does customize your Apps sound more stylish. The apps allow you to customize all space images for free once you have downloaded the App.

Mobiles Games

Magnet Balls 2: Physics Puzzle (Ksh200.00): This game allows you to shoot balls at other balls by sorting colors to score a maximum number of points. Who would not want to enjoy playing this game while it is still free?

RFS – Real Flight Simulator (Ksh200.00) (offers in-app purchases). You want to explore the world using your mobile phone. Consider this flight simulator available in Android OS.

Devil Twins: VIP (Ksh200.00): Not the best choice due to its in-app purchases and ads, but if you are a Viking and want to take part in chaotic battles. It would be worth trying it out.

Dungeon Shooter: The Forgotten Temple (Ksh200.00) (includes advertising and in-app purchases) first-person shooter with RPG elements playing in a dungeon setting. I would not recommend the App to a person who fears Spiders.

Heroes Legend (Ksh200.00) (includes ads and in-app purchases): Become a heroine or a hero by saving the world from evil people. The Apps allows you to play with real people or fixed components by the computer.

Productivity Apps for iOS

All Smart Remote Controls TV (Ksh300.00): Using your iPhone or iPad, the apps allow you to access your favorite smart Tv . Furthermore, it offers you shortcuts to streaming content such as Hulu, Youtube, etc.

Kintsugi (Ksh2212): Perfect App for meditation; thus, it will help you reduce stress in your day-to-day life.

Join – Expenses and Incomes (Ksh1108) (offers in-app purchases): Sometimes, tracking your daily expenses can be very quite tricky. This may be the perfect App for managing your finances.

Slideshow Master Pro (Ksh300.00) With the Slideshow Master, you can create virtual slideshows and slide images into them.

All the apps mentioned above are freely available but they can not be free forever. Please remember that.