Why marketing automation is essential for franchises and other multi-location businesses

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Marketing automation is software that arranges the conduct of a marketing program. For example,  your emails, your blog entries, social media, websites etc. Hence it makes your job simpler and saves time leading to strategic and innovative results. 

Marketing automation provides business people with the potential to make persistent cross-channel journeys to convey the right matter to the right users at the right moment. As a result,  heightens their faith in the brand. If you want to opt for this easy strategy, then in order to set up and run your marketing campaigns effortlessly and optimize your multi-location marketing, click here and see how you can benefit from Adplorer’s marketing automation.

Marketing automation also provides a platform for business people to manage, measure, scheme, plan, and coordinate each marketing program offline and online. It’s frequently utilized with marketing strategies to nurture any leads which are converted into customers.

This strategy holds the strength to alleviate sales by 14.5%. However, it can also lower your marketing by 12.2% overhead. Some people think of marketing automation as simply automating emails. However, it goes way beyond this. In fact, its numerous benefits for franchises and multi-location businesses are listed below. 


Why is marketing automation necessary for multinational corporations and business franchises? Since it has a lot of benefits and adds excellence to your product you need marketing automation to ensure that small businesses remain competitive and applicable. It also helps huge firms to stay in touch with the requests of their customers. 

Thus marketing automation is extremely necessary since it offers the following benefits:

  • Saves time

You can save your time by planning campaigns beforehand. That is, your working hours can be channeled into different schemes. Yet, this is easily achieved using numerous platforms. With marketing automation, you have an extra advantage. You can schedule distinct operations for distinct users.

  • Enhances productivity 

If you use marketing automation, then your marketing team would have free time on hand. This time which has been saved from doing tasks repetitively, allows them to formulate new ideas and increase productivity in different areas.

  • Management of multinational campaign 

Marketing automation helps you to record your every campaign via any marketing channel using a single platform.  Thus you don’t lose your data, and it is secure.

  • Personalization 

You can also provide your customers with an exemplary and customized experience. As a result,  your sales would go sky high.

  • A persistent voice

As you unite each marketing campaign, you guarantee that your voice remains the same throughout.

  • Improved ROI

With the use of marketing automation, you have efficient marketing spend which intelligently aims at your customers.

The benefits of incorporating marketing automation are more than just improving your department from working repetitively. Optimization is all it is about. It modifies the efficiency of your campaign, the time of your marketing group, and the experience of your customers. 

You must have heard of Adplorer. Their marketing software is among the first digital marketing automation software in the world. This platform helps you to scale marketing programs via hundreds of SMBs. Even other marketing platforms and agencies utilize Adplorer.

The numerous marketing pathways are now increasing day by day. Hence marketing automation is your ideal choice. It will help you keep track of those complex marketing channels and assist you in connecting with all of your customers. So what are you waiting for? Begin automizing today!