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Instagram Soon To Add Captions To Stories That Will Allow Users To Watch Videos Without Sound

by Vanessa Waithera
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Instagram soon to add captions to stories that will allow users to watch videos without sounds.

Instagram is working on a new feature that would let users watch Stories without sound. As per reports, Instagram will add captions to Stories that will allow users to watch the videos without turning on the sound.

There are times when you do not wish to turn on the sound because you are in a public place, in such cases, the captions will save you from embarrassing sounds. This upcoming feature will also be useful for people who are hard of hearing.

Where will it be available?

As per TechCrunch, the feature will be rolled out only in English and English-speaking countries initially but will be rolled out in other countries too. In order to use the feature, the creators will first have to record a video using the Reels option or the Stories option.

They can also upload a video from the Gallery of their phones. Once the video has been uploaded, users can go to the Captions sticker which apparently will convert the text to speech. When the text is converted, you can choose from different fonts, styles to make your content look attractive. When you are done editing, you can post the video and can find the captions alongside the videos.

TikTok also has similar features.

The announcement from Instagram comes days after TikTok rolled out its own captions feature, which is called auto-captions. In TikTok, the auto-captions feature automatically translates speech from a video to text. Other apps that had introduced the live caption feature include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams. All the video conferencing apps come with automated captions for video calls.

Instagram had previously launched a captions feature for Threads and IGTV videos, but now it plans to expand the feature to Stories and Reels. The photo-sharing app had also started testing ads on reels in countries including India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia. The app will appear like Instagram Stories and will be displayed in a vertical form. It will also be 30 seconds long would work just like a regular Reels video.

Earlier, Instagram had was spotted testing a new feature that would let users turn off their video, audio, or both during live videos. The ability to mute video during live videos would turn the function into an audio chat room like Clubhouse. The new features for Instagram Live are being rolled out to all Android and iOS users globally.

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