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Best Cleaner for Windows 10

by Intizar Ali
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Windows XP was the world’s most popular operating system but with Windows 10, Microsoft has brought along an upgraded version of their system. Although XP has always had problems, the newer version is even more problematic and prone to spyware and other threats. There are many different registry cleaners available but which one is best for Windows 10? In this article we will see some tools that will remove malware and fix other problems your system may have.

Although there are many free pc cleaner software tools, they are not able to detect and remove the various errors your computer may have. There are many reasons why Windows may crash or run slowly, including the likes of malicious codes, missing files, corrupted drivers, and so forth. In order to resolve these issues, you need to be able to use the most effective windows version for your PC. Fortunately, for users of Windows 10, this is easily achieved with one tool – the startup manager. This is a small startup manager tool that works to stop any programs that constantly load up while you are using your system.

Many people ask us which is the best cleaner for both old and new windows versions such as XP, 7, 8, & 10 and we can only state that Cyberlab (previously known for Zookaware) is the best for this system. The reason why it is able to work so well on this older operating system is because of how many errors it can find. It has been created by a large software company in United States and has been designed to scan through your computer and repair any of the errors it could find – allowing your computer to run much faster and smoother as a result. Their main motive is to make your PC run fast by removing the unwanted software, junk files, cleaning registry, etc. We found that it worked well on our test machines and found that it improved the overall performance of our computers. 

At first, I didn’t believe as well, but after testing and checking its reviews on Trustpilot and huge fan following on Facebook made me trust on this amazing software.

There are several other powerful tools you can download for free on the internet, but we felt that Cyberlab, Avast was the best for Windows. There is also a tool called “RegAce” which is a very powerful registry cleaner, but does not have Avast included. This is because it does not tend to scan as much, or has not been developed as much. The free versions do however work very well on XP and have been designed to search and remove the most errors from your system.

The third tool on our top three list of powerful tools is the “PC Junk Cleaner Software”. This is an extremely effective cleaner and has been developed by a large software company in the UK. Unlike some of the other tools we have looked at, this one is able to find and remove more errors than most of the others on our list. The reason why it has the ability to remove so many problems is because of how it has been designed – it uses a sophisticated “depth scan” to find any corrupted or damaged files on your system and then removes them.

As you might imagine, the reason why this junk cleaner software is so effective is because it is able to find and remove the largest number of problematic files. This is the best way to boost the speed of your computer, as it will free up a lot of RAM, which you can then use without slowing it down further. Many people also swear by the “registry optimizers” which are available online as downloads – these work by cleaning out all the damaged / corrupted files from your PC’s registry, allowing your computer to run much faster.

The last powerful tool we have talked about here is the “PC Optimizer”. This is a very simple program that scans through all the registry settings on your PC and then deletes the ones that are causing problems. It does this by scanning every registry file and then checking if any of them are corrupted, orphaned, or missing. If any of these become corrupted, they will all be deleted, leaving your computer running much smoother as a result. It is often the case that a lot of registry cleaner tools will leave some of the hidden files in place, which makes your system unable to read them, leading to errors…. But the PC Optimizer is able to fix these errors, which allows your computer to run much faster as a result.

We’ve run lots of tests on these tools and found that in order to get the best cleaner for Windows, you need to use a tool which is going to be able to identify and remove the most issues from your system. All three of these tools were able to remove the largest number of problems, as well as boosting the speed of your computer. There are a lot of other features that can make your system run like it did when it was new, including the likes of “Junk File Cleaner”, “Registry Optimizer”, and a tool called “Super Rabbit”, which scans through all the extra space on your hard drive and takes out all the unused files that take up extra space… allowing your computer to run much faster & without many errors.

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