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Xiaomi Secret Plan revealed: The Android Tablets From The Manufacturer.

by Joseph Richard
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The Chinese manufacturer is always very good at coming up with exciting and unique products. Xiaomi is now planning to make a significant comeback with three leading Android Tablets after going off from the market of tablets.

Rumors of new Android tablets from Xiaomi are intensifying. Just a few weeks ago, a table of specifications appeared that revealed exciting details. Xiaomi is therefore planning three Android.
Reasonably enough, these tablets from Xiaomi are expected to compete favorably with Galaxy Tab and Samsung’s iPad. Now XDA has confirmed the assumption. In the Xiaomi software MIUI overlay 12.5, signs were also found for three devices that are listed under the code names “Nabu,” “Enuma,” and “elish.” Much more interesting is a look at the software:

MiUI 12.5 already integrates the control system for tablets. Xiaomi would have no reason to incorporate them if they did not want to launch a new tablet. The older devices don’t get MIUI 12.5 as an update, so the changes can only be for new Android tablets. If you look at the picture in this way, you might think that the home screen is very similar to that of the iPad. What the actual reality is, we have to wait and see. What is clear, however, is that Xiaomi wants to rely heavily on gesture control optionally.

Xiaomi tablet with 120Hz displays and more

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Technically, the Xiaomi tablets are getting interesting. For example, everyone should have a 120 Hz display, be equipped with triple or quad cameras, and sometimes even a 5G modem. The top model is even said to have a Snapdragon 888, which would put Xiaomi above Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 in terms of performance. In the end, only the price has to be correct. It is not currently known when the three tablets will be introduced. But it can’t take long.

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