An overall view of Customer Relationship Management


Opening a business is a solution that more and more people are choosing to get money. However, running a company can sometimes be really hard. There are a things that one needs to be sure of before embarking on buying a software. Additionally, a good communication between each worker is needed  to ensure that the company works well. By using a CRM software, it is possible to avoid that type of issues. 

What is CRM software ? 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It includes every technique, tools, strategies and technologies used by a company to retain, develop, and acquire clients. The goal of this sales CRM software is to ensure that every step that leads to an interaction with customers goes as efficiently and smoothly as possible. The bigger picture with this system is to increase the overall profits of a business by paying more attention to various clients and treat them as good as possible. A Customer Relationship Management will gather all data regarding one customer by taking all information stock on different channels and putting them in one place. That way, when a worker has to contact a customer , he/she will have an easy access to the entire data regarding the person they want to talk to. Generally speaking , the CRM system will greatly improve customer satisfaction and help in having access to all necessary information in a fast and efficient way. With this software, your company will be able to access information about purchase history and personal info of every customer in the system. Additionally,  the business will even be able to purchase behavior pattern thanks to the gathering of all data regarding clients in one place. Overall, the Customer Relationship management software will help your business with service management, marketing and sales. It will allow you to purchase some market studies based on the information that your company collected throughout the years. As such, it will be easier to find new customers and provide qualified support for them, increasing the worth of your company. Happy clients will make good reviews which then will increase your reputation. 

Types of sales CRM software 

There are five different types of CRM software : operational, collaborative, campaign management, strategic and analytical.  Each one of them serves a different purpose. 

  • Operational 

The operational CRM software is based on the customer information that your company is collecting. Its purpose is to help your business have better management in general. This type of CRM will improve your sales, marketing and customer service departments by giving them the possibility to support better old and new customers alike. The operational CRM tool will structure all data gathered through this software and set standard procedures. As such, you will have access to service, sales and marketing automation. The service automation purpose is to direct customer service technology. Thanks to that, clients will be supported through various channels such as knowledge bases, FAQs, phone and emails. Sales automation focus on all stages of the sales cycle. It includes the first contact with a new client as well as the conversion of a prospective client into an actual one. Marketing automation is based on the whole marketing process of a company by automating repeated tasks or by posting information on every social media that your company has invested in. 

  • Collaborative

The collaborative CRM software will focus on the way your company will interact with your chosen distributors and vendors thanks to all data that your workers gathered on clients and products. Generally speaking, a collaborative CRM software will help bring all lf your departments together. Thanks to this system, any department will be able to share what information they gather and their potential next actions while having an easy access to all data and actions of the other departments. The collaborative CRM software allows a company to be organized and to improve communication between each department. As such, any transaction will be followed from start to finish and anyone in the working team will be able to update it if needed. No need to send a message to each department, they will just need to consult the CRM server and all information they need will be easy to reach.  

  • Campaign management 

When you combine the operational and analytical CRMs, you will obtain the campaign management CRM. This system will allow you to run either marketing or sales campaigns by using all contact information collected in the system of your company. Marketing and sales campaigns are one of the best way to reach new clients and improve the fame of your company. These campaigns allow your business to have an image on social media and other platforms. The more your company will be seen, the more well-known it would be. Attracting new customers will increase your chance of gaining more profits. The CRM tool will use every contact information gathered by the different department of your enterprise to analyze, manage and plan better campaigns. The better your campaign, the more people you will attract. You will even be able to create a prototype customer which will help you improve the products and services that your company is offering. Launching campaigns can be pricy but it will always be worth it at the end. 

  • Strategic 

The strategic CRM will improve your business decisions by using the data collected by all departments in your company about market and customer trends. Most of the time, strategic CRM will focus on customers and how a company can improve their relationship with them. With this type of system, the goal is to customize and adjust the way your company is interacting with current and potential customers in the long run. As such, strategic CRM  will be based on maintaining and acquiring profitable customers. Generally speaking, the company will try to segregate, collect and apply data bout customers and market trends in order to come up with better propositions for them. 

  • Analytical 

Analytical CRM will help your company get better insights about your customer and their interactions with your business as well as visual your data in a more efficient way. This system will analyze customer preferences, points of contact, Interests and channels. This tool will help your company recognize patterns in data sets. This process will be a significant factor to make more profits and increase the reach of your company to other customers and markets. 

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