Here are the 20 startups set to take on the AgritourZA Limpopo Innovation Platform.


The AgritourZA Limpopo Innovation Platform has been launched by mLab in collaboration with the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). 

This program is expected to create a space for 20 local pioneers to promote their startups, attract funding, and foster an innovation ecosystem.

The AgritourZA Limpopo Innovation Platform will encourage these groups of brilliant innovators, academics, technologists, entrepreneurs, and designers to work together to create a sustainable, tech-driven agriculture and tourism ecosystem in Limpopo, South Africa.

Top-performing participants will become finalists in the AgriTourZA Startup Accelerator Programme and have the opportunity to see their visions become real-world solutions that benefit their communities.

Four of the twenty finalists will then be selected to receive early-stage capital and support in the amount of R125 000 each. They will also be equipped with the technical, business and soft skills to see their ideas manifest from mind to market while also receiving close mentoring from mLab to further develop, realize and implement their solutions.

After that, four of the twenty finalists will be chosen to receive R125 000 in early-stage finance and support. They’ll be given the technical, business, and soft skills they need to see their ideas through to completion, as well as close coaching from mLab to help them create, realize, and implement their solutions.

The participants who were announced by mLab include;

1. Nosetsa                                                                       

2. Drone Eye Technology

3. Cracking Star technologies.

4. Pedology Smart Sensor

5. IncHub Polokwane (Pty)Ltd

6. Farmers Assistant

7. Farmru

8. Abiri Innovations

9. Riverside Tech solutions

10. The Golden Pathway Investments

11. Dibjalo Solutions


13. Innovationists

14. Agri-tech

15. Easy Farming

16. PhathuR Holdings

17. Mangau Animal Feeds

18. Software Fanatics

19. ML Data Systems

20. Seed to a Flower