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Google is rolling out caller identity announcement feature

Google is rolling out a caller identity announcement feature in a bid to help a user manually screen calls. The phone app will be available on Android devices.

Caller ID announcements are very useful as the feature will notify a user about who is calling before looking at the phone ,thus the phone user can screen unwanted calls. for instance when a phone user is listening to music or general audio and have it cut short following a random incoming call.

The caller ID is also a useful as an accessibility feature especially for the visually impaired as they will be able to know is calling.

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To enable the feature, a user will be required to open Google Phone Settings, select Caller ID announcement then choose between “Always,” “Only when using a headset,” or “Never.” this will help one manage unwanted calls with much more ease.

The google pixel has a similar feature called screen call although its currently only available in the US. The Google phone ID feature will be available to the rest of the world regardless of the device.

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Milcah Lukhanyu
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