Bookshelf speakers buying guide


The best fit between portable speakers and floor speakers has to be undoubtedly the bookshelf speakers! They are easy to fit in and complement well to your home interior and the overall home theater system. Though, it’s important to be well informed about them before going for a purchase. Keeping that in mind, here we present to you our exclusive buying guide for the best bookshelf speakers for classical music

Points For Our Exclusive Buying Guide For Bookshelf Speakers For Classical Music:

  1. Figure Out Your Budget 

You must consider your budget over your needs. We understand that needs are also pretty important, and some may say to you to view your requirements over your budget, but that can’t be the case with everyone. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for the best bookshelf speakers for your casual listening, or integration with home theater, as there’s something for everyone out there. There are all kinds of bookshelf speakers in the market, right from the heaviest end ones to the extremely affordable options. 

  1. Inspect Room Space & Furnishings 

As the name suggests, bookshelf speakers are made in a way to keep on level surfaces, like a bookshelf or table. Indeed, they are usually sold off as a pair or integrated with the home theater system, but the right placement isn’t always guaranteed. Remember that your speaker placement and the surface play a very vital role. So, before you make a purchase, rightfully inspect your room spacing. 

Soft surfaces usually absorb sound, whereas hard surfaces are known to reflect sound mostly. Try testing your speakers in different positions and areas to understand where the sound quality and performance are at their best. A larger room, properly furnished, requires a dedicated bigger speaker. On the other hand, small spaces, including bedrooms, drawing room, etc., can be pretty much fine with a pair of bookshelf speakers for classical music. 

  1. Specifications Play the Role! 

From design and size to the technical specifications, all of this will play a major role in deciding the pair of bookshelf speakers you choose to go for. We recommend you first start with the size; the bookshelf speakers should at least be in such a proportion that they fit well whether on a bookshelf or stand. Some speakers are even so small that they easily get mounted over a wall. 

After that, you can move on to the design and style of the gadget. You have to ascertain the kind of cabinet used (rear-ported, front-ported, and acoustic suspension). From here, you may move on to the technical aspects and sound quality, like wired/wireless, sensitivity, power handling, and so on. 

  1. Drivers 

To produce the sound, we have the drivers! The more drivers in a speaker, the higher number of frequencies it will be able to handle! Also, don’t forget that the material and positioning of the drivers matter a lot. The woofer of it greatly impacts the responsiveness and quality of the speaker. 

  1. Test the Speakers 

If you are buying your speakers from an offline store, you must properly check and test them. The speaker frames should be sturdy and solid. If you are planning to purchase online, make sure that your chosen gadget has enough unbiased reviews. Try to search for some actual tests performed by some home audio experts. 

  1. Inspect the Speakers 

Now that you have finally brought your bookshelf speakers to your home, it’s time to perform a proper inspection of them. Start by making sure that the piece that you have got isn’t damaged from anywhere, this even includes checking of all the plugs. After that, try playing some music and standing at different distances to figure out if there’s a crackling, distortion, or fuzziness in the sound. 

To examine the sound of instruments and the overall speaker sound range, you can fiddle around with the various kinds of audio settings, including the frequencies and volume. Try to play different pitch-scale songs with various available tones. Believe us, the right chosen bookshelf speakers can make your favorite music sound in such a manner that your ears will be able to experience what you hadn’t possibly until now! 

PS: If you plan to integrate your bookshelf speakers with the home theater system, then don’t forget to ensure that the correct alignment and sync are there with the system. 

  1. Placement & Stands 

No doubt putting the bookshelf speakers on the stands will take the sound quality experience to a whole new level, as they get placed at the right area and positioning, getting rid of the vibrations. Though, not every one of us has the right kind of space to accommodate stands and this magnificent piece of the gadget on top of them. 

The manufacturers out there are pretty aware of this fact, and that’s why the products are designed in such a manner so that they can be placed anywhere. These days, some of the speakers come with their dedicated app that can let you select the speakers’ distancing, and then accordingly, it will adjust its sound. 

Note: If you can afford to use the stands, don’t hesitate to do so, as already discussed, they will take your sound experience to a great level that you wouldn’t have imagined for yourself! 


  1. Is it fine if I take my bookshelf speakers outdoors? 

Ans: If you plan to take your speakers outdoors, then you should probably opt for a speaker that’s both waterproof and weather-resistant. There are numerous such options available out there. Even after that, you are recommended to keep your gadget in enclosed areas as much as possible. 

  1. Is it possible to connect the bookshelf speaker to your TV? 

Ans: Yes, it’s possible! Just ascertain that your gadget has the optical-in cable or Bluetooth support, and you will be good to go! 

  1. Do I need to shop for anything else while purchasing a bookshelf speaker? 

Ans: It depends on the kind of speaker that you are opting for! If it’s a passive speaker, you will have to accompany it with an amplifier and other necessary in-box accessories. Though, active speakers don’t require any sort of extra material. 


There are all sorts of bookshelf speakers in the market, and that’s why it becomes extremely important to learn to distinguish the good from the not-so-good ones. We tried to list out every crucial point in our buying guide for bookshelf speakers from our side. If you are having any doubts pertaining to the guide, just comment below or directly contact here.