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How to Use Your Amazon Echo Show to Watch YouTube Videos

In the kitchen, users have found the Amazon Echo Show smart display to be really helpful. I mean, is there any better way to learn how to cook than by watching videos of a virtual assistant guiding you through the process? Simply ask Alexa to “show me how to boil an egg” or “Alexa, show me the recipe for tacos” if you need assistance. Additionally, YouTube is a tremendously helpful resource for learning cooking techniques if, like me, you learn best by watching.

Here’s how to do:

After connecting your Echo show device, swipe down on the screen. This will present a menu of choices. To use the shortcuts, you may need to swipe left from the top of the screen on some models of Echo Shows.
Next, select Video from the list of options that appears.

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Then, YouTube ought to be visible as one of the streaming providers. Give it a tap. The majority of Amazon Echo Show smart displays come with YouTube preinstalled. This implies that you are not need to download the app beforehand.
After that, you are free to search for any YouTube video you want to view. In order to receive video recommendations according to your preferences, you can also sign into your YouTube account.

As an alternative, you can access YouTube by using the Alexa speech assistant. Here’s how to do it:

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Say “Alexa, open YouTube” after plugging in and online-connecting your Echo show device.
After opening YouTube on your computer, you may start watching videos. In order to view videos that are suggested to you based on your interests, you can also sign into your YouTube account.

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