Fun Games Through Keyboard Which You Can Play


Games have always been favorite leisure activity. Kids as well as adults engage in typing games easily when using a computer system for longer time period. Since keyboard is under direct control of users so   typing games and keyboard games are considered to be in a great demand. Unlike older days now we can find hundreds and thousands for clicker games and keyboard games.

Need of keyboard games:

There are many kinds of keyboard games exclusively for all age groups that not only help pass free time when users feel distracted or are not in mood of working and they need a break  but also is an exercise for mind and not only improves your typing efficiency speed but also brings accuracy and precision.

Many times, parents prefer the typing games for their children to generate movement in their fingers especially the little finger which takes time to function properly. Top 10 types of keyboards typing games that can help little kids to move their finger freely so that little fingers’ muscles get active.

Mainly the following games are considered to be top rated for kids: “THE DANCING MAT TYPING”, KEYBOARD CLIMBERS, THE TYPING OF GHOSTS etc.   and many more games like these can be kids favorite and parent’s preference. 

Moreover, typing games are also being played to encourage typing practice. For that many games like typing without seeing the keyboard, time limited typing, competing with the other users etc. are in practice by almost all the users.

Keyboard check tools + Games:

Now there are some of the situations when user don’t want to play any games but want to keep them busy in some activity instead, for situations like that user move towards the speed spacebar counter like  which allows the spacebar clicking ability check with or without timer. The responsiveness of the spacebar is estimated and time is successfully passed both at a time. Likewise, enter counter tool is another free time tool that can help mature users, who are not interested in games to use up their free time. Many more tools and counters can be found online to use up user’s worthy time.

Similarly, typing words per minute (WPM) is actually one of other tools that can help users in free time. It basically estimates the number of words that user can type in a minute to help the improve their typing speed. 


So, we see that apart from work purpose keyboard can also be used for fun activities and time can happily be consumed well by playing typing or clicking games with the keyboard or using clicking tools or counters like spacebar counters to help the users when they feel distracted and exhausted and want something different for some time for themselves.