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Take Note: Google Photos Will No Longer Support Storage Changes Very Soon

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In November 2020, Google announced that as of June 1, 2021, Google Photos would no longer have space for an unlimited number of photos. TechMoran wants you to know of this circumstance because it is not far away until June 1 – and perhaps someone would like to use the remaining time to be active in some form. Starting June 1, 2021, Google will count all new photos and videos that users upload towards Google Account, holding 15GB of space always or the additional storage space that users have purchased as a Google One member. Drive, Gmail, and Photos share google Account storage. 

PLEASE NOTE: Compressed photos haven’t counted on the memory, photos, and videos in original quality always):

  • High-quality and Express-quality photos and videos supported June 1, 2021, will not score toward the storage space in your Google Account.
  • Original videos and photos will continue to be stored in the storage space available in your Google Account.
  • Images kept in their original quality and compressed to high quality after June 1, 2021, will be in your accounts space in your respective Google Account.   

Google itself now offers a few tools. For example, you can estimate how long your own storage space will last. It also shows how much memory your photos are using. You can also save space by managing storage space and perhaps clearing accumulated waste over the years.

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As of June 1, 2021, users will no longer back up photos and videos when their storage space is fully used. If your quota is exceeded, you have taken up more space than you have available. If you’ve exceeded your quota for 24 months, it could affect your content, Google said. However, the support documents do not mention which ones are.

So what can be done now?

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If Google Photos were the service, that would be exciting, as we would know what to anticipate next. You rent storage, which is also suitable for Google Photos, Drive, and Gmail. Storage is part of Google One, and 100 GB costs either 1.99 euros (262.28 Kenyan Shilling)a month or 19.99 (2,634.70 Kenyan Shilling)euros a year. You can also use this place in the family group.

In June 2021, users can access a new free tool in the Photos app that lets them efficiently manage their backed-up photos and videos. This tool is designed to help users review the images they want to keep while tracking shots they prefer to delete.

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Alternatively, there are still various scripts – or the direct grip on Google Takeout. Google Takeout allows the export of all Google data, including photos. You can download all images from Google Takeout and import them elsewhere – the Takeout also will enable you to move them directly to Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box.

As mentioned above, Google offers 100 GB for just under 2,634 KES a year. If you have maybe reached for Microsoft 365 with Office anyway or will grab it (there are again and again for 52 Euro per year), you will get 1 TB of storage space online in the OneDrive. Alternatively, perhaps some Amazon Prime users don’t even know that. There’s still the ability to store all photos online as part of Amazon membership. It’s a pity that the software of those is so wasted.

The little extra tip to Mac users with possibly smaller SSD in the MacBook. Remember, if you plan to use Google Takeout to bet on iCloud in the future, see how much space your SSD still has. Why? Suppose you downloaded 10 GB of photos from Takeout. It would help if you still had (temporarily) more memory as everything is copied to the library.

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