What Should You Ask Before Buying Used IBC Totes?


Do you wish to transport or store materials in bulk? Then, you can use IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) totes. They come in various materials that serve different storage purposes. 

You can buy Used IBC totes for sale to save on high costs. However, it is essential to buy the right used IBC totes for better efficiency. Read on to know what to ask your supplier before buying used IBC totes.

IBC Totes

It is best to be aware of IBC totes and their uses to ask the right questions and choose the best used IBC tote. IBC totes are popular storage containers. Industries use them the most to store and transport goods in bulk.

You can store several products in different IBC totes. From beverages, food to other powders and liquids, different materials can serve different purposes. IBC totes are mostly pallet mounted. 

They come in industrial-grade material. You can safely reuse IBC totes. However, for storing food products and flammable items, you have to be extra cautious of the material of IBC totes. 

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Used IBC Totes

Make sure to ask the following questions to buy the right used IBC totes for your organization:

Is the Material of the Used IBC Totes Durable?

It is essential to ensure that the used IBC totes you purchase last for a longer duration. Ask your supplier if the material is durable. The suitable material of the used IBC totes you require depends on your storage purpose as well.

Review if the material meets the legal storage requirements if necessary. Most cube IBC totes come with inner containers of plastic. The plastic is usually high quality, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene. 

Inner containers also come in galvanized iron or aluminum. Meanwhile, outer containers of IBC totes are of iron or galvanized tubular steel. Make sure to check if the materials of used IBC totes are rigid and suitable for heavy-duty needs. 

What is the Volume Size and Dimensions of the Used IBC Totes?

By knowing the volume size, you can assess if the used IBC totes are adequate for storing your items. The typical volume size of IBC totes is 330 gallons and 275 gallons.

Meanwhile, the average size of IBC totes is usually 45”L x 50”H x 45”W. Metal IBC totes have the average base dimensions of 42”W x 48”L. Another typical base size of IBC totes is 46”W x 46”W.

You can choose the dimensions and volume size of the used IBC totes that suit your purpose the best. It is better to choose a size that is bigger than your estimate. The chances are that you may end up requiring more space. 

Can I Store Flammable Materials in the Used IBC Totes?

Many organizations use IBC totes for storing and transporting flammable liquids and other items. Ask your supplier if the used IBC totes are safe for such items. Review if the IBC totes meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire recommendations and codes. 

Use only approved metal and stainless-steel used IBC totes for storing flammable materials. Plastic IBC totes increase fire risk

Do the Used IBC Totes that I Purchase Require an Inspection?

Ask your supplier if the used IBC totes need an inspection. If yes, inquire about the ideal timeline or frequency of the inspection. Generally, IBC totes require an inspection every 30 months which is after every two and a half years of use. 

The retest ensures that you can continue using your IBC totes. However, make sure not to skip such inspections. It can affect the durability of the IBC totes as well as the condition of your items. 

Is It Easy to Transport the Used IBC Totes?

Inquire if there would be any issues while transporting the used IBC totes. Generally, most used IBC totes for sale are easy to transport and handle. They attach to existing pallets. 

These used IBC totes are easy to load and unload as well. Workers can lift and move used IBC totes with a forklift. 

What are the Price Structures of the Used IBC Totes?

Used IBC totes are available at much lower costs than new ones. Generally, you can purchase most used IBC totes at affordable prices. However, it is essential to know the price structures to gauge whether it is reasonable. 

Ask your supplier the price ranges of the used IBC Totes. It usually depends on the material, number, and condition of the used IBC totes. You may also find discounts at sales. 

You can find affordable used IBC totes for sale. Make sure to ask your supplier the above questions to choose the best ones. Additionally, check the condition of the used IBC totes before purchasing them.