Business Analytics Masters: The Basics


A business analytics masters can help prepare you for a huge range of data and analytics jobs in many different fields and industries. If you are interested in looking at the finer details and shaping the future of a company, then this could be the perfect option for you. Whether you are planning on advancing your educational journey into business, or wanting a total change, the online business analytics masters can help provide you with the valuable skills and experiences that will make you a valuable team member. You will get the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, all while studying from the comfort of your own home. Here are just a couple of the basics when it comes to business analytics masters online.

What is business analytics?

Business analytics is the combination of methods and technologies to analyze business data and use these findings to improve the future outcomes. As a business analyst, you will be shaping the future of the company or organization that you are working for, making important decisions based on the data, understanding events and their causes, and creating and implementing solutions to ensure that negative events do not happen again. A large part of the role of business analytics is maximizing the revenue of the company or business.

What is the course?

The online business analytics masters is a masters of science course that is taught 100% online. The course is open to anyone, as long as you have a BA or BS, and can be completed in two years. The online business analytics masters will allow you to combine your pre-existing knowledge of your industry with new, real-world skills that will help you become a competent business analyst. The course has a range of modules, including Data Visualization and Analysis, Prescriptive Analysis, Predictive Analysis and Analytics Capstone. Furthermore, you will use a range of types of software and technologies such as Tableau, SQL, Python and SPSS. This will help you practice using the types of tech you will be using in the workplace, allowing you to gain real-world experience before you begin working in the field. You can also customize the degree to the fit the industry in which you work, for example cybersecurity or marketing.

Is it for you?

The online business analytics masters is available to anyone, and can be studied from any location. There are no prerequisites for this course, with no GRE/GMAT required. The only requirement is a BA/BS, and this can be in any field. Many different people can benefit from this course, as the skills being taught are transferable and useful in any industry. Business analysts are an important part of any business, and there is a growing demand for them. Many roles and jobs may be automated, however there are certain tasks and jobs that need to be done manually, particularly the people-orientated position of a business analyst. You will develop and gain important analytical skills, allowing you to look at data, understand events and their causes, and create solutions that help to boost the business.

As the business analytics masters is taught completely online, it makes it a great option for those who cannot commit to full time, in-person education for whatever reason. The course is competitively priced and incredibly flexible, leaving you able to continue working while you are learning. This means you do not have to leave your job or put your life on hold in order to pursue this level of education. You can also learn how to start an llc instead of pursuing higher education or do both.

There are certain skills and characteristics that make a great business analyst, regardless of the industry or role you are working in. These include:

  • Communication – you will be working with and talking to a range of people, from clients to colleagues, and it is important to remember that not everyone has the same level of technical understanding as you. Equally, you will not have the same level of understanding as others in different fields. Therefore, it is important to be able to listen and speak, and adapt your techniques depending on the situation you are in. Often, you may be explaining complex information, and will need to know how to convey this in simpler terms in order to make sure the information is conveyed accurately.
  • Problem solving – a huge part of business analytics is solving problems and finding solutions based upon the data you are given. You will need to be a creative thinker who can generate ideas based not only on the data but also on the needs of the client or organization you are working for. There is also some negotiation skill involved here, as you may need to compromise or find solutions that work for multiple people or desired outcomes.
  • Critical thinking – this is the ability to objectively analyze an issue in order to form a judgement about it. As a business analyst, you will be using your critical thinking skills all the time to assess multiple options and solutions, working out which one is most appropriate while still keeping in mind the aims of the business and the desires of the clients.

These are by no means the only skills you will need to succeed as a business analyst, and it will take a combination of your technical and personal skills in order to be a great analyst. You will have a good attention to detail and the ability to work as a team, while keeping up to date with the latest technologies and methods. This will help you provide the highest levels of services possible, ensuring the best outcomes for the business and keeping them at the forefront of any new developments that could help improve their business outcomes.

What are the career outcomes?

As a graduate of the business analytics masters, you will have plenty of useful, transferrable skills. You will be a highly employable individual who is suited to working in a range of positions and roles. in general, you will act as a bridge between advanced technologies and the desired outcomes of a client, helping match the two together in order to choose the correct solutions for the issues that the business is facing. Common roles that business analysts work in include:

  • Data science – as a data scientist you will be specializing in specific areas such as image or video processing, or speech analytics. This is a multidisciplinary role and often involves communicating complex ideas and information to many different people. This means that on top of your technical skills, you will need to have incredibly good communication and teamwork skills.
  • Reporting – this is an important process that involves looking at events that occur, rather than the reasons they occurred. Often you will be the first one to find any issues or problems, and you will be collating, analyzing, processing and submitting data. Therefore, a great eye for detail is essential in this role.
  • Strategy – data strategists look at the data that has been reported, and then go on to use this information to change or implement strategies. The aim is to maximize the revenue of the business.

There are plenty of different roles that you will be prepared to work in when you hold a business analytics masters, and you will be an essential part of the business. The ability to customize your degree to suit your interests or the industry in which you work is incredibly useful, as you will build upon pre-existing knowledge and experiences to help you become a successful business analyst in whichever industry you want to work in.

Online Study Benefits

There are numerous benefits to studying online, and they all make the online business analytics masters a very attractive option. Online learning is a flexible way to gain new qualifications and experience, interact with others and make important connections, without having to leave the house. Furthermore, this course is completely studied online, meaning it is designed to be studied alongside your existing commitments. You do not have to put the rest of your life on hold or quit your job in order to study the business analytics masters, making it much more achievable and accessible.


A primary reason that people choose not to pursue further education are the large costs involved with being a student. These can include living costs, rent, travel, tuition fees and educational materials, and can all add up to create a large financial investment. You may not see much point in studying for a masters if you already have a job and qualifications, but in general, the higher your level of education, the higher the level of jobs you can apply for, and these often come with higher salaries. In this way, a masters degree may be a worthy investment in the future. The tuition fees for many online courses can be cheaper than in-person alternatives, and you can also save money when learning from home as you will not have to travel to classes every day or rent campus accommodation. The flexibility offered by the online business analytics masters also means that you can continue to work and earn money while you are studying, making this a more accessible and affordable option for many people.


If your local educational institution does not offer the types of qualifications you need, this can put a serious delay in your career advancement. You may have to study something that you do not want or need, which is a waste of time and money, or not study at all. Fortunately, with online courses your physical location matters much less, and the online business analytics masters is taught completely online. This means you can access it whenever and wherever you are, making it much more flexible and accessible. Furthermore, you will have more control over your learning environment, which means you can create a space that works for you. This can help you enjoy the process of learning, and even make you more productive.


Online courses are incredibly flexible, allowing you to work at your own pace, in a time and place that works for you. If you do not enjoy in-person classes, and cannot attend full-time education, online courses can give the flexibility to pursue your dream career while continuing with the rest of your life. Self-paced learning has many different benefits and can help you become a more confident and capable independent learner. You will have to use your initiative and self-motivation skills when you are working as a business analyst, so why not start flexing these skills during your studies to make sure you understand how you best learn and can develop productive learning habits and techniques that work for you.


In addition to the technical skills that the online business analytics masters will teach you, there will also be plenty of opportunities to develop your personal skills. These are soft skills, and are transferrable, non-technical skills that will help you excel in any workplace or position. Soft skills include time management, communication, adaptability and self-motivation, and many of these help to make a great business analyst. The ability to adapt your communication techniques to suit the needs of others is very important as an analyst, as you will often be conveying complex information to many different people. Furthermore, you will have to be a great problem solver, overcoming any challenges in the workplace in a similar way to overcoming the unique challenges involved in online learning.

An online business analytics masters can help you to combine your personal and technical skills, making you a competent analyst with great personal skills. You will be an important part of the organization, helping to make vital decisions that can affect the outcomes of the company. Therefore, it is important to have a high level of knowledge as to the processes, solutions, methods and technologies that you are working with, as well as the ability to be a good team player. This course will give you the opportunity to develop all of these skills, while providing real-world examples to prepare you to work in the industry.