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Where can I sell my used MSI laptop?

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Whatever the reason may be, you consider upgrading your older gaming laptop. But what should you do with it? The laptop still works and is not that old, so it must be worth something, right? Well, trading it in, for one, is a great option, as it allows you to recover some of the cost and use it towards your new purchase. MSI gaming laptops are great and powerful gaming devices. No surprise there, they hold good reselling value as the time goes by. Especially if you take good care of it. In this post we will give a few useful tips on how to prepare your laptop for sale, research its current reselling value, as well as share some of our favorite spots and places to trade in electronics for cash or store credit.

MSI are valuable machines

Buying a new MSI laptop is definitely an investment. So, when it’s time to upgrade, you want to try and recover as much cost as possible out of it. But how do you price a used laptop? What needs to be factored in, when looking for estimates? There are following things to consider:

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  • Popularity: MSI is a leading hardware manufacturer that has been around for over 30 years and gained a lot of fans globally. The brand is well known for creating powerful, sturdy, reliable and portable gaming laptops.
  • Vast array of options: The company produces a myriad of electronic devices like laptops, desktops, graphic cards and peripherals. They cater to all types of users, offering laptops for gamers, business professionals, artists and creators. You’ll find multiple configurations and models of MSI laptops, designed to satisfy every need and budget. There are lines like GT Titan, GE Raider, GS Stealth, GP Leopard, Prestige Series and GF Thin series, to name a few. Each of them targets a different type of consumer. For example, the GP Leopard is all about customization, while the GS Stealth series offers portability and high-end performance.
  • Design: MSI gaming laptops are some of the most stylish, modern, robust and portable devices on the market. The brand continues to move towards making thinner and lighter laptops, without compromising their performance.
  • Performance: MSI laptops are synonymous with advanced technology and offer a truly superior gaming experience. They are known for durable design, housed in a thin and light chassis. The company also makes hardware components, such as motherboards, graphic cards and peripherals. At CES 2021, for example, they introduced a refreshed GS66 Stealth line, upgraded with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 and RTX 3080 Max-Q graphics.

Things to do before selling your preowned MSI laptop

There are several things to be done in order to get a good price for your used MSI gaming laptop. You would need to make sure you still have the charger, find the original box, if you still have it. Once that is done, make sure to back up all your files and then wipe the laptop’s hard drive. You can use either an external hard drive or the Cloud services, like Google Drive or Dropbox, to create a backup.

The next thing to do is to perform a reset. This will delete any stored data and restore your system to its original factory settings. Also, please make sure to clean your laptop using a soft cloth to remove any dirt, dust and fingerprints off of your device. Remove stickers, if you have them. Clean and well-maintained used laptop warranties a better sale price. Lastly, don’t forget to access the condition of your laptop. Take a note of any scratches, dents or missing components, and prepare to disclose those in order to get an accurate estimate.

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Honest Grading

Once you prepare your laptop, the next thing to do is to take an honest assessment of its functional and cosmetic condition. This includes both external and internal components. For example, look for signs of wear and tear, such as small dents, scratches, scuffs. Check if the keyboard has all the keys and is working like it should. Does it run well, no lags or slow-downs? And if you are selling to a buy-back company, use their pointers on how to describe a gadget online, as each business uses their own gradation system. They may rate laptops from “Brand New” conditions to “Poor”. Make sure you read the definition of each condition carefully in order to determine what describes your laptop best.

The information you provide online will be verified by the company you are selling the laptop to. This is a standard and straight-forward process, being done to make sure your information is accurate. And if you missed and did not disclose something, no worries. The business will explain any omissions or discrepancies to you over phone or email and will make a new offer. So, to avoid any surprises and a delayed sale process, it is best to disclose everything to your best knowledge.

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Compare Prices

Another good practice is to compare prices from different marketplaces in order to get an approximate value for your used MSI laptop or any other gadget you are selling. Get a few quotes, check eBay or Craigslist, compare your numbers. This will give you an idea of how much your used MSI laptop can sell for. But remember, if the price or an offer is too good to be true, it probably is and proceed with caution.

What options do I have to sell my MSI laptop?

There are two main options when it comes to selling a used laptop: 1 – you can sell it on your own, or 2) – use a third-party service. The key difference between the two is that with the first one, you have to deal with the whole selling process yourself. This includes, listing, researching a price, negotiation, arranging for meetups, shipping. Needless to say, this is a lengthy process, and will not work, if you are a busy professional or simply need the cash fast. The second option saves you time and is way more convenient, as the business takes the selling hassle out of the equation.

You’ll find tons of options to sell MSI laptops online, however, the challenge is to find the right place to sell. There a few things to consider before picking an online buy-back or a trade-in:

  • Online ratings on review sites like Trustpilot, Resellerrating, Google review and Facebook.
  • Response time to your inquiries
  • Total turnaround time, from placing an order online to getting paid
  • Variety of payment methods
  • Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau
  • Social Media presence
  • Number of years in business
  • User-friendly web navigation and overall experience.

If a company scores well by all criteria’s, congratulations, you have narrowed down your search and possibly found the best place to sell your used laptop to.

Who accepts my used MSI laptop model?

As we have already mentioned, there are plenty of options when it comes to selling used tech, be it online or in-person. Below, we highlight some of our favorite and verified sources (both companies and marketplaces):

Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation is an ecommerce platform, built to help users sell their unwanted gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles and more, for cash in a quick and convenient way. Selling process is straight-forward, easy and streamlined. They accept a variety of brands (and not just Apple, like most other companies) and their offers are fair. The company has an algorithm of searching and comparing recently sold data for each gadget model in order to come up with the best possible estimate. The service is contactless, which is particularly important during the ongoing pandemic, and it includes: valuation, inspection, free shipping and returns.

Key advantages of using Gadget Salvation are that they do an instant dollar estimate, cover the shipping cost of your laptop, and offer a variety of payment methods to choose from. With Gadget Salvation, you can get paid by a check, mailed via USPS, via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle (Chase QuickPay). Your payment will be made within two business days of them receiving and inspecting your laptop.

To sell MSI laptops for cash with them, visit the site and look up your model in their online database. After that, answer a few quick questions about the working and cosmetic condition of the laptop, and they will share an estimate right the way. If you like the offer, complete the checkout form, receive and print your prepaid UPS shipping label, package and send your laptop in. The company encourages customers to reuse their delivery boxes in order to reduce carbon footprint and speed up the selling process. Once they receive the package, expect to be paid within two business days. It’s that easy.


Amazon is the largest internet retailer and it has their own trade-in service, allowing you to exchange your used tech for an Amazon gift card. The company accepts the following electronic devices: Kindle readers, cell phones, gaming consoles, laptops and more. To sell your used laptop with Amazon, look up your model and check if it is eligible for a trade-in. If it is, answer a few questions about your laptop’s condition in order to get a quote. Then, Amazon will provide a shipping label for you to send the laptop in. The turnaround time is about two weeks; you will be emailed an electronic gift card upon successful completion of the transaction. Please note that the platform does not allow for cash payments. This option is great for those who shop at Amazon frequently.

Best Buy trade-in service

You can trade-in your used electronics online or in-store, in exchange for a Best Buy gift card. Like with other buy-back services, you will receive an offer online, based on the information you provide. You can also take your laptop to a participating store location and have your laptop evaluated on the spot. As for payment, you will receive a gift card that you can use both online and in all Best Buy store locations.

Other Options


This is a free local marketplace application, where people can sell and buy pretty much anything, and that includes laptop computers. All you need to do is to download the app on your phone (if you haven’t already), snap a few photos of your MSI laptop and put it up for sale. Make sure to describe it to your best abilities. The advantage of using the OfferUp is that it is a safe platform, because each profile needs to be validated with a state-issued ID, as well as with your Facebook profile.


eBay may not be the safest platform for sellers and buyers, but it is one of the oldest and therefore is a popular one. There is a clear advantage of shopping on eBay if you want to score a deal and feel protected, thanks to their Buyer Protection program. Sellers, on the other hand, have to assume all the risks. Plus, you would need to deal with the whole selling process, starting with creating an account, listing your laptop (taking photos, describing and pricing it, etc.), shipping and more. Another downside is that eBay will charge a fee once your laptop is sold. Plus, there is always a risk of the buyer returning the laptop. But, with eBay you are in total control of pricing, descriptions, communicating with potential buyers. So, if you want to sell your laptop for more and willing to do the work, this might be the option for you.

Facebook Marketplace

Nowadays you can sell your stuff directly from your Facebook page. Facebook Marketplace is a free online platform that gives its users tools to put their gadgets up for sale within the Facebook community. Like with eBay and OfferUp, you are responsible for taking photos, describing your laptop, negotiating and meeting with strangers, if selling locally. Buyers have the chance to pay with PayPal or directly through Facebook. You can also arrange to meet and be paid in cash, but that is not advisable.

A Preowned MSI laptop trade-in value

Laptop’s reselling value depends on many factors, such as: brand, model and configuration, functionality, cosmetic condition. But it is important to understand that all electronic gadgets depreciate quickly because of how fast-paced the electronics manufacturing industry is. Our demand on new gadgets continues to increase, and tech companies are eager to satisfy it by releasing new and updated models several times a year. So, if you are thinking of selling your older laptop, don’t sit on it for too long, as it may become obsolete before you know it.

Regardless, here are some examples of how much you can get for a used MSI laptop, if you were to sell:

Bottom Line

MSI gaming laptops are powerful, sturdy and sophisticated gaming machines that hold great reselling value. If the laptop you are willing to sell is in good condition and you have properly prepared it for the next user, you can sell it for cash. We hope our list helps you to find the right place to MSI laptop trade in for cash or store credit. Furthermore, when you resell your preowned gadgets, you help to reduce the electronic waste and you earn some greens.

 *Priced on 05/20/2021. Subject to change.


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