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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

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We live in a technologically advanced world. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, which means they have access to the internet.

The ‘smart’ prefix on phones denotes that our mobile gadgets are capable of performing multiple activities at the same time. However, some countless pieces and technologies function together in these machines, some of which are beyond our comprehension. Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science that mimics the human intellect and assists us in performing and solving various tasks.

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What exactly is Artificial Intelligence and how does it function?

Artificial intelligence enables machines and computers to mimic the human mind’s learning, decision-making, perception, and problem-solving abilities. It’s a vast branch of computer science concerned with creating intelligent machines capable of performing activities that, in most situations, need human intellect. AI incorporates two or more science areas with different techniques, as well as machine learning.

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Artificial Intelligence’s Most Prominent Examples

Digital Assistants

Siri is an iPhone and iPad personal assistant produced by Apple. It communicates with the user on a frequent basis. The assistant helps us with mundane chores like obtaining information, directions, sending messages, making phone calls, and even launching applications. Siri employs machine learning to become increasingly intelligent and capable of comprehending English inquiries and requests. 

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Echo (Amazon)

Amazon launched it, and with each new feature, it becomes smarter. This ground-breaking smart speaker allows you to make appointments, control lighting, shop, ask questions, listen to music, and search the internet for information, among other things.


Tesla is proof that the automobile business has come to terms with AI. Its automobiles are currently among the greatest in terms of artificial intelligence. It is capable of doing not just uncommon duties like self-driving and predictive capacities, but also complete technical innovation. Through OTA updates, the automobile is becoming brighter by the day.


Netflix is currently available in almost every location. This well-known OTT platform makes recommendations based on the preferences, emotions, interests, and behavior of its users. All of this occurs when the technology behind it checks a number of records in order to recommend films based on the user’s previous preferences and reactions. With each passing year, it is undeniably becoming smarter.


Pandora is a well-known subscription-based music streaming service operated by Sirius XM Holdings in the United States. It’s one of the most well-regarded technological solutions available. Its expert musicians independently examine the tunes, earning it the nickname “DNA of music.” The model excels at proposing music that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

Machine Learning and Deep Learning have a long history with Artificial Intelligence. AI refers to a field of computer science that demonstrates anything that approaches human intelligence. Anything that produces a human’s feelings and emotions can be included in AI operations.

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that learns on its own. It can reprogramme itself since it can assimilate more data, allowing it to fulfill the precise task entrusted to it with growing efficiency. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning applications that teaches itself to perform tasks with great mastery without the intervention of humans.

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