Gmail Is Rolling Out A New “Save To Photos” Button That Will Enable Users To Save Images


Gmail is rolling out a new “save to photos” button.

Gmail is rolling out a new tool that will enable users to save images directly to Google Photos without having to download them. Google is rolling out the new “Save to Photos” button just days ahead of Google Photos losing its free storage slated for June 1.

Users can press the Save to Photos button to automatically save an emailed image to Google Photos. The new tool will be rolling out to personal Gmail users, Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business customers over the next couple of weeks and will be available alongside the existing “Add to Drive” button. The tool only works on JPEGs and not on PNGs as of now.

How will this help?

In the past few weeks, Google has rolled out tools that will help users get rid of all their unwanted and blurry images. The development comes days after Google introduced a weeding tool of sorts that will help users clear out the unwanted images and videos to clear up the storage.

Google in a blog post noted

“Today, we’re starting to roll out a tool in the Photos app to help you easily manage the photos and videos you’ve backed up that count toward your storage quota”.

According to Google:

“The storage management tool surfaces photos or videos you might want to delete like blurry photos, screenshots and large videos so you can get the most out of your storage.” To use the tool users should click on their account icon on the top right corner of the library section > Go to Account Storage > Tap on Manage Storage.

Starting June 1, Google Photos will stop the free, unlimited storage of high-quality photos.

The existing high-quality photos and videos are exempt from this change and will not count towards the 15GB default storage that comes with a Google account.

However, after June 1, the new high-quality photos and uncompressed original photos will count towards a user’s storage once the policy comes into effect.

How do you check your storage?

Google users can get an estimate on how long their storage may last based on how often users backup photos, videos, files, and other content to their Google Account by following these steps. Alternatively, they can go to to check available storage on their Google account.

Since user’s storage is shared across Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos, users can check how much storage they have used upon their Google account by checking it from Google Photos, Gmail, or Google Drive. Users can decide if they want to free up space or consider paid options to buy more storage. If users feel that their storage data is being used up, they can consider paid options from Google One storage that give 100GB, 200GB and 2TB for Rs 130, Rs 210 and Rs 650 per month.