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 Do you have this irritating camera problem For Samsung Galaxy S21? Here is How to Fix it

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Lately, some users of the Samsung Galaxy S21 have complained about problems with the camera. In the meantime, the manufacturer has also gotten wind of it and has dealt with it in an official forum.

A solution seems to be in sight.

So what’s wrong with the camera of the Galaxy S21? As SamMobile reports and has also stated itself, the performance of the camera app sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. There are frustrating lags in places. The following video on the Galaxy S21+ is intended to illustrate the problem:

As can easily be seen, the change between the individual zoom levels is anything but smooth. Instead, we see a significant jerking far from adequate for a smartphone of this price range. In addition, there are similar delays in the selection of recording modes.

SamMobile has noted the camera problems with the Exynos variants of the Galaxy S21 models. This is precisely what Samsung sells in this country(Kenya). Fortunately, owners of these devices will probably not have to live with the described impairments for too long.

Galaxy S21: Update to Fix Camera Lags

In the South Korean “Samsung Members” forum, the manufacturer has commented on the camera problems with the Galaxy S21 series. Accordingly, they are apparently because there is not enough memory or computing power available for specific tasks in certain situations. An update will help and will be rolled out together with the security update for June 2021.

The update should not be too far away, as Samsung usually distributes patches of this type relatively early. We assume that the bugfix will also be included in the version of the security patch released in Germany.

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Note that we have not detected the described camera lags in any of our tests for the model series. Neither the Samsung Galaxy S21 nor the Galaxy S21+ or the S21 Ultra caused us problems in this regard. We hope that you, too, have been spared so far.

By the way: Bugs of this kind also occur with premium smartphones from time to time. Most recently, for example, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: After the update to MIUI 12.5, there were also some problems. Commendably, the manufacturer reacted with lightning speed and provided a bugfix in no time at all

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