After a brief break, the Twitter certification application is back!


After temporarily suspending its certification system, Twitter announced that it was once again possible to claim its blue badge. So you can claim the precious certification again!

Twitter certification back!

On May 20, Twitter rolled out its brand new certification form. A few days later, the social network announced that it would have to take a break, as the process had generated an overflow of requests. Today, it is again possible to apply to have your account certified.

Indeed, users who wish to do so can ask Twitter to verify their account to affix (perhaps) the special certification badge. For this, however, it is necessary to meet various criteria, and it is Twitter that will validate (or not) the account in question.

To apply for certification, you must go to the Settings and Privacy section, then Your Account, then Account Information. This is where you will find the “Request Certification” option. Note that the latter is still being deployed and may therefore not be available from you