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Three Paid Plans You Can Choose From The New Google Photos Storage Rates

by Vanessa Waithera
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Google Photos will tip the free unlimited storage of high-quality photos from today.

Starting today, any photo that is uploaded on Google Photo will be counted towards your Google Drive limit. However, the high-quality pictures and videos that were added previously will not count towards the 15GB default storage that you get with a Google account.

Google Photos allowed users to keep settings at high-quality photos so that the phone would continue backing up pictures that would not count against the standard 15GB storage.

Earlier this month, Google rolled out a couple of updates that would help users in freeing up space.

Google had added a new review tool that would let users get rid of unwanted or blurry pictures. The tool will highlight pictures or videos that are blurry, screenshots and large videos that unnecessarily eats up a lot of space.

Similarly, the users can go to manage storage setting and free up space. However, despite clearing up the drive, if you still run out of space, you always the paid plans to fall back upon. Here is the list:-

Google One currently has three paid plans available for users. Users can either choose to pay a monthly amount or opt for the yearly plan.

What are the plans?

If you’re someone who uploads a ton of photos and videos to Google Photos and thinks you’re going to run out of the free space quickly, it may be worth it for you to subscribe to Google One. There are several different plans available (check out our in-depth look at each Google One plan and what it includes here): 

  • 100GB: $2 a month or $20 annually(KSh 2,000)
  • 200GB: $3 a month or $30 annually (KSh 3,000)
  • 2TB: $10 a month or $100 annually (KSh 1,000)

You can sign up on the Google One site. Just make sure you’re signed into the Google account you want to use. If you don’t wish to buy Google One subscription, you can consider the Apple One subscription but for that, you need to have an Apple device.

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