Women in Gaming: The Female Players Enjoying Massive Success


The gaming world attracts plenty of interest these days and this often means that big names have significant celebrity status.

There are different ways that individuals can rise to prominence as well. For instance, some might be known for streaming their adventures on the biggest platforms, while others may take part in major competitions and tournaments.

However, while gaming might have once been regarded as male-dominated, it is fair to say that is no longer the case. After all, many women are making serious waves in a number of areas.

Major players

For example, poker has attracted plenty of attention in recent years and a number of female players have been successful in the area.

A notable example is Vanessa Selbst. A New York Times article from 2018 detailed how Selbst has secured more than $11 million in winnings from playing the game. She was also ranked number one in the Global Poker Index for a period as well. Another female player who has enjoyed poker success is the UK TV presenter Victoria Coren Mitchell. According to The Hendon Mob database, her total live earnings stand in the region of $2.5 million. Elsewhere, Liv Boeree’s official site explains how she has won major titles and more than $4 million. She retired from professional poker in 2018.

It will be interesting to see if the number of female poker players rises, particularly now the game is so widely available online. For instance, Casino Masters offers a wide array of casino games, including several different versions of poker. Notable titles include Hold’em Poker and Joker Poker. In addition, the live casino section of the site features the game through titles like Live Poker Lobby. So, those who become an online casino master with a taste for poker could potentially consider moving into bigger tournaments to test their skills.

Making a mark

Women have enjoyed success in many other parts of the gaming world as well. The eSports world has grown massively and female players have really made their mark in that domain.

eSports Earnings features a list of the top female players by winnings, with the Canadian Scarlett coming out on top. It outlines that her highest paying game is StarCraft II, while her total winnings stand at more than $390,000. Liooon is thought to have earned around $240,000 from eSports, while US player Mystik completes the top three. She is thought to have earnings around the $122,000 mark.

Finally, female gamers have also made an impact on Twitch in recent years. InfluencerMarketingHub.com has pulled together a list of some of the top names to look out for, including KittyPlaysGames and LegendaryLea. The site explains that the latter has around 640,000 subscribers on the platform.

Thriving in many areas

The gaming world has grown massively through the years and it now consists of an array of different areas. We have touched upon a few key aspects in this article and it is clear that women are thriving in them.

It will be fascinating to see how such trends continue to develop in the months and years ahead.