Thursday, August 11, 2022
Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Essential but cunning iPhone tip: You’ll never get it

by Joseph Richard
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Sometimes handling iPhones for some users can be very complicated. In this case, our trick is simply cunning or simply cunning. Typically there’s no way you will be able to access this trick from your smartphone. That is why we are explaining it to you now. Curious enough? Stick within this article to the end.

You know: Quickly, a photo is taken with the wrong orientation. Unfortunately, if you look at it in the photo app on the iPhone, the automatic rotation does not provide a remedy – the picture always turns at the end as we do not want it.

Quickly, a photograph is taken with some unacceptable direction. Therefore, if you move to your application folders, look at your images in the gallery. You will notice that automatic rotation does not provide a suitable solution as you will always see the image towards the end, which is not supposed to be the case.
iPhone Tip: Quick arrangement lock with your finger

For an iPhone, you switch on the arrangement lock by means of the control center. Just recall that you will always deactivate them subsequently. This is what I mean then if you aren’t clear with the terms I am using: Just to rapidly fix a picture on display, for it to be excessively unpredictable and accordingly irritating. However, there is one tip that likely not every person knows. I’ll disclose it to you now.
With the goal that the picture doesn’t rotate, we place a finger on or close to the image on the screen. Simultaneously, we would now be able to turn the display openly. The photograph stays fixed and no longer adjusts automatically. When we discharge the finger, the automatic alignment strikes again and rotates the image. In short: When we place the finger, we get a brief arrangement lock on the iPhone. Unfortunately, it isn’t multifunctional. Supposedly, it is just accessible in Apple’s photograph application on the iPhone. Other applications, including alternative camera applications, does not support the trick

Sadly unrealistic: For iPad consumers, results is futile

Unfortunately, the tip doesn’t chip on the iPad either. The automatic rotation is constantly done, regardless of whether we put the finger on or close to the picture. If you need to prevent this, you need to go the known way through the arrangement lock in the control center.

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