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iPadOS 15: Is this supposed to be a joke, Apple

Every year the same game: iPad owners look to WWDC with high hopes, only to be disappointed again in the end. The innovations of iPadOS 15 are welcome and make working on the tablet more convenient, but Apple continues to be stubborn about the three biggest wishes. This is a shame, especially in view of the new iPad Pro 2021.

When Apple recently introduced the iPad Pro 2021, the verdict of many testers was similar: A tablet with excellent hardware that could become the ideal notebook replacement thanks to the M1 chip, Thunderbolt port and mini LED display – if it were not for the limitations of iPadOS 14.

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Accordingly, all eyes were on WWDC, Apple’s developer conference. The hope: iPadOS 15 would finally bring the improvements to finally make the iPad a full-fledged working donkey. Just like the 8th season of “Games of Thrones”, the disappointment couldn’t have been greater.

iPadOS 15: Three Big Wishes

Three features were at the top of the wish list for iPadOS 15:

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Multi-user support: Can use an iPad with multiple different user accounts.

Improved support for external monitors: Currently, iPadOS is only limited with external monitors. As a rule, only a mirroring of the screen content is possible. The image format of the tablet is taken over 1:1, which looks ugly, especially on widescreen monitors.

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Pro apps from Apple: What use is the sheer power of the M1, according to the many complaints, if the right apps are missing? Many were therefore hoping that Apple would bring its own Pro apps such as Final Cut or Logic to iPadOS 15.

In this video you can see the new features of iPadOS 15:

iPadOS 15: Credits CNBC youtube channel

Apple disappoints iPad owners

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