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These Application Store Are The Best Alternatives To Google Store.

There is a  reality that numerous users with phones having Google OS tend to ignore. From the late hearings about the Mountain View association’s maltreatment of its dominant position of the PlayStore. However, millions of individuals are now after many suggestions for Playstore. In this guide today, we take a look at Google play store comparatives Regardless of whether they are not empowered by Google, which doesn’t quit promoting the security of its application store.

The opportunity of Android contrasted with iOS is a strength for the person who realizes where to wander out by leaving the general wellbeing of the PlayStore to jump into the not-so-profound ranges of alternative application downloading. Various reasons push users to disregard apparatuses made in Google: absence of decision in the application index, shut biological system, utilization of a custom ROM of Android, lack of Google Play services… Such countless reasons lead to intrigue in the stores of outsider applications existing inside the Android environment. How about we see together six options in contrast to the Google PlayStore.

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What is an alternative store?

An alternative store is an inventory of applications that you can introduce to your Android gadget. As on the Google Play Store, you would then peruse different sheets and potentially download. Some alternative stores exist just on the internet browser. Then, at that point, from your PC or phone, you need to go to these locales and download the APK files. When downloaded, the record should be moved to your Android gadget to continue with the installation.

Google’s situation on alternative stores is clear: they endanger the Android gadgets they introduce. Thus, no store can be downloaded from the PlayStore, and it will consequently be essential to recovering them from different sources, for in APK format. However, try not to stress because we recently had a bit-by-bit instructional exercise disclosing how to introduce applications in APK format.

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Why bother having a store not the same as the Google PlayStore?

Access to the Google PlayStore assumes that Google approves your smartphone. This isn’t generally the situation, and in certain nations, like China, the PlayStore is supplanted by alternative platforms. The new Huawei case likewise demonstrates that admittance to these services can here, and there be raised doubt.

In addition, the Google PlayStore is an official app store. Google, therefore, ensures that each of them meets a series of (sometimes abusive) criteria. As a result, some applications cannot be published on the PlayStore and therefore find themselves unavailable, despite the genuine interest they may have for the user. An alternative store is, therefore, an exciting option to download them.

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My last point is that physical limitation is sometimes a real problem. Some applications are only available in territories defined by the publisher via Google’s PlayStore. Thanks to the alternative stores, you will then download all the applications of your choice without any regional limitations.



  • Open-source
  • A catalog of more than one million applications
  • An intuitive interface

Aptoide is probably one of the complete alternative stores to the Google PlayStore, and unsurprisingly, one of the most popular. Thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface, it will allow you to download all the applications of your choice in a matter of seconds. Be careful to check the integrity of an application before downloading, the platform being less secure than the PlayStore.

Therefore, the Portuguese store uses repositories called “shops” for the storage and distribution of applications. Aptoide’s official store has 577,000 applications, and many smaller ones add up to a total of about 1 million applications available!



  • Astride of free applications

F-Droid is finally establishing itself as the alternative store par excellence for free and open source applications. Pleasant to use, simple, and full of quality content, it deserves to be given a little more importance!.F-Droid is a client designed to work on all Android smartphones without exception.

The application is a fork of Aptoide reserved exclusively for totally free and non-commercial applications, whether open-source or not (even if the majority belongs to the first category). The installation of applications remains possible thanks to peer-to-peer, even for devices without an internet connection

F-Droid is mainly intended for power users and will therefore be a little more challenging to understand for novice users. In addition, its strict criteria make it a store with little choice compared to the competition, which may put off several users. However, F-Droid will be quite suitable if you are a security specialist, from a low-tech perspective or if you want to simplify the use you make of your smartphone.

Uptodown App store


  • Installing earlier versions of applications
  • A neat application curation

Uptodown App Store competes with the PlayStore in terms of apps and offers exclusive features, such as installing earlier apps. The interface will not disorient google regulars, and many apps not found on its store can be found at Uptodown. A lightweight and registration-free store to install to complement or completely abandon the PlayStore that we all know so well.



  • Ability to submit an APK directly from the app

APK Mirror is a platform within which it is possible to download very many Android applications for free without using the Google PlayStore. Nevertheless, its lack of options and many advertisements make it less attractive than alternative stores.



  • Themes and a dark mode
  • A lightweight application

APKPure is a very easy-to-use and exciting alternative for downloading Android apps. We may regret the catalog a little less provided than some competitors.

The design and interface will be reminiscent of older versions of the PlayStore, but make no mistake: APKPure is open-source. Despite the presence of advertisements, the app is pleasant to use. The presence of themes and a night mode contribute significantly to this.

Like some competitors, APKPure curated applications and content with the presence of the “News” and “Videos” tabs while presenting a community aspect. Finally, let’s remember that APKPure was the victim of malware in April 2021, even if the teams’ responsiveness allowed a quick patch of the flaw used.

Amazon Appstore


  • An advantageous virtual currency for Freemium players
  • A wide catalog
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