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Ajira Digital Program That Was Launched By The ICT Ministry Is Now Available In All Kenyan Universities

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Ajira digital program that was launched by the ICT ministry is now available in all Kenyan Universities.

The one ministry that has been incredibly beneficial to the Kenyan youth has been the ICT ministry, this is clearly demonstrated by the number of programs that have been created and launched by the ministry has given a number of young people employment through training done by Digital programs like Ajira Digital program.

Ajira was created in 2018 and was introduced in universities and Technical and vocational education and training (TVETS) in the country. The target market for this program are students who are interested in digital training and will be run by students for students which will then eventually connect them to online jobs.

More about Ajira digital club.

The clubs have been launched across all universities and within the club the students will have accessibility to training, mentorship, online career fairs and as incubators for entrepreneurship programs.

The club will have a patron and Ajira Club champions will have the responsibility of organizing different activities that will be efficient for all types of students while also presenting digital skills to them.

Cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru said:

“As part of our target, mission, and a broader strategy to enable 1 million Kenyan youth to earn a decent wage from digital and digitally-enabled jobs annually, we are today supporting that noble cause through the launch of the Ajira Digital Clubs. We believe that this initiative will be of critical importance in our journey and a number of the youth especially from our universities and TVETS will benefit immensely.”